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SAEN Exposes Containing Primate Fatalities & Injuries at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute  
SAEN Uncovers Continuing Animal Abuse at the University of Oklahoma
SAEN Reveals Fatal Negligence at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
SAEN Uncovers Pig Radiation Deaths at Vanderbilt University
SAEN Blows the Lid Off of Traumatic Brain Injuries to Pigs and Monkey Burn Injury at University of Pennsylvania
SAEN Blows the Whistle on Monkey Deaths at the University of Washington
SAEN Exposes Negligence at Pacific Biolabs
SAEN Blows the Whistle on Air Transport International for Denying Monkeys Access to food/water for over 24 Hours
SAEN Reveals Rabbit Execution at Oklahoma State University
SAEN Exposes Johns Hopkins University Monkey Strangulation and Rabbit Cage Washer Deaths

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