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Articles and Reports

The Primate Experimentation Scandal:
An Investigative Report

How much does primate experimentation cost?

There is no current estimate for the total amount spent on primate experimentation in the U.S. Obtaining data from every government agency and private entity that funds experiments on primates would be a Herculean task. Therefore, we will utilize a different approach.

Another SAEN report: Forty Years of Fraud: The Regional Primate Research Center System (available on our website www.saenonline.org) discusses information about the eight regional primate research centers. These laboratories use approximately 25,094 (fiscal 1999 statistic) of the 60,000 primates used every year in the U.S. or approximately 42% of the national total. These eight laboratories located at the University of Washington, Seattle; the University of California, Davis; the University of Wisconsin, Madison; Emory University; Harvard University; the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research; Oregon Health Sciences University; and Tulane University annually receive $275,199,861 (fiscal 1999) in combined federal and private funding. This averages out to $10,966 spent per primate. When this average amount spent per primate is multiplied by the 60,000 annual primate experimental use estimate an approximation for the annual total spent on primate experimentation in the U.S. is reached -- $657,960,000.

The National Institutes of Health funds approximately 1,457 grants annually that use primates. The NIH website lists $291,502 as an average research grant amount. An estimate for NIH expenditures on primate experimentation would be $424,718,414 with projects funded at the primate centers receiving $245,378,191 (57.8% of the total for NIH primate projects).

Every day in the U.S. the NIH spends $1.2 million on primate experimentation with $672,269 going to the primate centers. Every day in the U.S., from public and private sources combined, we spend an estimated $1.8 million on primate experimentation.

It must be noted that these expenditure approximations focus solely on the primates that are actually used in experimentation. These amounts do not include any cost approximations for the (estimated) 40,000 other primates that are maintained in research facilities for breeding purposes.


Estimated Total Annual U.S. Expenditures (Public & Private) on Primate Experimentation $657,960,000
Estimate Daily U.S. Expenditures (Public & Private) On Primate Experimentation $1,800,000
Estimated National Institutes of Health Annual Expenditures on Primate experimentation $424,718,414
National Institutes of Health Annual Expenditures For primate projects funded at the Regional Primate Research Centers (fiscal 1999) $245,378,191

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