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Articles and Reports

The Primate Experimentation Scandal:
An Investigative Report

Recommendations of this Report

1. Strict guidelines must be developed to limit the number of projects funded in any one area of investigation. There is no adequate justification for funding 171 separate projects in the same area of investigation. Researchers working in the same field should be encouraged to work together on similar projects thereby eliminating the funding of redundant projects, facilities, and reducing the waste of both federal funding and animal lives.

2. Changes must be made in the way that experiments are performed. If federal regulations are to have any meaning then exceptions to basic standards must be eliminated.

A. Loopholes within the Animal Welfare Act that allow for long-term programs of food and water deprivation for primates (or any other species) should be removed.

B. Social isolation of primates should be eliminated.

C. Primate Restraint Chairs should be outlawed.

3. Government agencies that currently utilize primates in experimentation should develop policies whereby the number of primates used in experimentation is reduced in incremental fashion, with the eventual goal being the elimination of primate experimentation.

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