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Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
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"Exposing the truth to wipe out animal experimentation"

Articles and Reports

Squalor in the Laboratories
An Audit of Animal Welfare Act Compliance by U.S. Research Facilities; With Detailed Examinations of Fifteen Nationally Known Labs
By Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., Executive Director,
Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
[email protected]

University of Washington, Seattle

USDA inspection reports for the University of Washington, Seattle (UW) reveal multiple violations for 4/1/03. Expired food was being given to cats and guinea pigs. Water was being denied to rabbits in the Comparative Medicine Building. The watering system had been disconnected for a period of 48 hours without being noticed by the animal care staff.

Internal documents obtained from the UW indicate significant problems in areas of primate care. One primate (K93464) died (9/01) as a result of ingesting a set of latex gloves. Another primate (T93497) died (1/01) after being anesthetized for a blood draw, potentially as a result of anesthetic overdose. Another primate (#93169) died (7/00) of anesthetic overdose. Two primates (A00131 & 98026) in the care of investigator CC Tsai died with "total absence of body fat stores" and "total absence of subcutaneous fat." Dehydration is also discussed in reference to primate #98026. Primate F93276 died 6/01 is discussed as having "Malnutrition, chronic, severe" and "Dehydration, severe."


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