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Articles and Reports

Primate Health and Well-being at the California Primate Research Center (UCD): Negligence, Stress, and Suffering
By Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., Executive Director, SAEN
513-575-5517 saen@saenonline.org 

Deaths from Natural Causes/Medical Cull

During the reporting period 123 adult primates died of natural causes or were euthanized for humane reasons. 37% (46) had reached an advanced state of inanition (serious weight loss) 32% (39) were severely dehydrated. Again, this indicates that disease conditions are being allowed to progress much too far without adequate veterinary intervention. Many of these animals are listed simply as “found dead in cage” with no clinical history. In other words, they were seriously ill without receiving any veterinary care. A 3-year and 9-month old primate was necropsied on 1/15/03. This unfortunate animal has lost 40% of her body weight in a period of 22 days. Another primate was necropsied on 8/27/02. She had lost 34% of her body weight in a period of weeks. A third primate was necropsied on 8/6/02. He had lost 42% of his body weight in a period of less than one month. Clearly these animals are being neglected up to the point of death.

Other serious conditions existed in this population of animals at CPRC. 38% (47) of these animals were suffering from gastro-intestinal tract disease. Fully 13 of these primates had suffered serious physical trauma. One primate is listed as being found dead in cage after surgery (clear negligence and lack of observation). Other serious disease conditions in this primate population included: pneumonia, peritonitis, lung mites, bloat, and endometriosis.

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Primate Health and Well-being at the California Primate Research Center (UCD): Negligence, Stress, and Suffering
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