International Day of Mourning for Animals in Labs

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International Day of Mourning for Animals in Labs
Memorial Day Weekend
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Presentation

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Peace Meditation and Vigil for Animals Imprisoned in Labs

Downloadable Peace Meditation and Vigil - PDF

This is a day of RESOLVE. At this moment in time, we are one with our friends in attendance around the country and world, uniting in shared vision and purpose --- and in oneness with all of the blessed beings --- the innocent Animals who have been persecuted in the name of science --- for whom we hold vigil. We come together this evening with an extraordinary mission. A particular, heartfelt intention to renew our commitment of support for those who have no voice --- for those who look to us to speak on their behalf --- for those whose eyes touch our hearts and inspire us to be their champions --- the irreplaceable animals with whom we share our planet --- the precious animals who already have --- and who are at continued risk of losing their lives at the hand of man --- Animals who are woefully deprived of the freedom that is their birthright. On this day, we raise our vision and our intention to one of HOPE for these precious beings who are routinely and wantonly violated at our whim, and we hold in the light those who have been previously silenced despite the endless depths of their pain and perseverance.

It is a time of SOLIDARITY and CONVICTION as we align our hearts and our thoughts with those of like mind around the world; we stand in shared intention with them and with the Animals whose lost lives we honor tonight. We affirm a collective CLARITY and FOCUS so that we may most appropriately support the Animals. We know, right here and now, calm hearts, clear heads and centered intention for us all --- and we know that from the unity of our thoughts will emerge an articulate voice of COMPASSION.

On this Day of HOPE for the Animals persecuted in universities, laboratories and research facilities from coast to coast, we come together with a singular mission. And as we take a moment to relax and center ourselves we take in a deep breath, filling our lungs with the abundant light and beauty of the many beautiful forms of life that surround us. As we exhale, we release all the stress and tension and worry that sabotages precious space within us that could be filled, instead, with LOVE and PEACE for all life. Again, we breathe in deeply the iridescent silver light of HOPE we intend to share with our fellow creatures --- both animal and human. And as we hold it within for a moment, we imbue the air molecules with our thoughts and intentions of HOPE so that as we slowly release the air back into the whole, our released breath will carry with it our blessing of HOPE, far and wide, on the very next

And that is our inspiration for this Vigil --- HOPE. For today…and for the countless tomorrows --- may we step more fully into an uncompromised anticipation of positive outcomes --- one where we hold an elevated consciousness of TRUST and HOPE for the beloved Animals who know only to trust, and for all Animals, as core spiritual values.

Today, right here and right now, we hold the highest vision for Animals who fall victim to vivisection, cosmetic testing and horrendous research experiments. I’d like to share with you, today, the story of Amadeus --- a single animal whose experience embodies that of all animals who are imprisoned and tortured in laboratories.

A macaque monkey named Amadeus died on August 13, 2007 at the University of California, San Francisco. In a one year period, beginning in January of 2006, Amadeus received nine injections of the diabolic drug MPTP, some of which were injected directly into his brain. This highly toxic drug destroys brain tissue and results in tremors, difficulty with movement, balance, posture and motor skills. This is an artificially created condition that has no relevance to human disease.

His physical and mental deterioration dramatically peaks in August of 2007. The veterinarian treating him advised staff members that Amadeus was not responding well to the chemical, social or environmental interventions they attempted. He was obsessively self-mutilating.

Amadeus’ veterinary records from that August indicate that he was tranquilized on a daily basis to prevent him from inflicting further wounds to his weary body. However, just two days later, he is immobilized due to escalating self-mutilatization. At this time, the vet suggests that euthanasia be considered.

On August 13th at 10:35 am, Amadeus is tranquilized one last time. Finally, almost a week after the vet first recommended euthanasia, Amadeus is relieved from his agony. He is killed and his brain is removed.

Those with power over Amadeus’ life apparently refused to end it before every piece of information or data points were captured….each apparently of greater importance than ending his suffering or having compassion and ending the unendurable suffering of a fellow being.

We must stop right here and now and ask ourselves --- what does this speak of our humanity? What does this say about us as a civilized species?

Let us move to a moment now where we honor Amadeus and all of his brothers and sisters who share a similar fate even as we deliver these words today.

Knowing that each and every one of them is a unique expression of the light that connects us all, we bless them and know the truth for their safety, their wholeness and their deliverance. In particular, on this day, within these moments, we hold a special vision of HOPE…

For all of the Animals who are experimented upon in medical and commercial research and product testing.

For those who have been, and continue to be, starved, may we hold a vision of PEACE

For those who have been, and continue to be, sutured, may we hold a vision of PEACE

For those who have been, and continue to be hanged, may we hold a vision of PEACE

For those who have been, and continue to be, subjected to hypo and hyperthermia, may we hold a vision of PEACE

For those who have been, and continue to be, victims of inadequate post surgical monitoring, may we hold a vision of PEACE

For those who have been, and continue to be, forced into drug overdose, may we hold a vision of PEACE

For those who have been, and continue to be, bled to death, may we hold a vision of PEACE

For those who have been, and continue to be, suffocated, may we hold a vision of PEACE

For those who have been, and continue to be poisoned, may we hold a vision of PEACE

For those who have been, and continue to be, victims of botched surgeries, may we hold a vision of PEACE

For those who have been, and continue to be, infected with severe, untreated bacterial infections, may we hold a vision of PEACE

For those who have been, and continue to be, exposed to bleach solutions, may we hold a vision of PEACE

For those who have been, and continue to be, subjected to lung hyperinflation, may we hold a vision of PEACE

For those who have been, and continue to be, hit by cars, may we hold a vision of PEACE

For those who have been, and continue to be, frozen alive in carcass freezers, may we hold a vision of PEACE

For those who have been, and continue to be, subjected to failed attempts at euthanasia, may we hold a vision of PEACE

For those who have been, and continue to be, victims of intentional gunshot wounds, may we hold a vision of PEACE

For those who have been, and continue to be, victims of toxicity testing,may we hold a vision of PEACE

For those who have been, and continue to be, boiled alive, may we hold a vision of PEACE

For all those who have been, and continue to be, exploited and experimented on at the hand of man, may we hold a vision of PEACE

Specifically, we wish to acknowledge (SPEAKER MAY INSERT LOCAL INFORMATION HERE)

In the midst of the indefinable sorrow we feel for these sentient beings who know only pain and suffering delivered by our word, we hold a vision of PEACE as their heart-wrenching experiences serve to slowly awaken humanity’s awareness to the reality of these procedures, which result in tremendous suffering for innocent creatures, and which are medically unnecessary and ethically unconscionable.

May their suffering inspire us to see with new eyes.

May we support products that are designated as cruelty-free, utilizing alternative methods that have been scientifically proven to be as, or more, effective or humane. And may we also envision a time where we accept the responsibility of making charitable donations only to organizations which do not engage in practices that result in experimentation on animals.

May our species be forgiven for this greatest of transgressions to our kindred brothers and sisters.

For Laboratory Animals all across the country and world, who find themselves facing a similar fate --- may they be loved and successfully supported in their own community’s respective efforts toward a peaceful and amenable resolution where all life is respected and is afforded the birthright of living, side by side, in PEACE.

For those brother and sister Animals who have already had their lives tragically taken, by similar efforts to eradicate innocent members of Creation --- may their deaths serve as a beacon to us to bear the mantle of responsibility to do all that we can to save the lives of those currently at risk.

And finally, for the humans who, knowingly or otherwise, perpetuate activities of wanton destruction --- we embrace the highest articulation of HOPE that their hearts and minds are transformed through the inspiration of the animal teachers who gave of their very lives so that we might learn. We see the open hearts of humanity newly inspired toward true spiritual stewardship as fellow expressions of the One.

And we see an expanded understanding of the intrinsic value of each and every one of life’s majestic
manifestations as evidenced by a newfound understanding, a deeper and richer level of tolerance toward our fellow Animals --- who may not be exactly like us. We know an expanded tolerance and kindness for those in whose hands lie the care and keeping of these imprisoned souls.

In particular, we hold a vision of HOPE for 28 facilities across the country, which conduct needless experiments on sentient beings which have resulted in the deaths of 100 innocent animals and repeatedly violated the Animal Welfare Act.

We proclaim this day that these facilities --- and all facilities who exploit innocent animals --- release all such intention and surrender all plans to continue unrepentant abuse of the Animals they hold imprisoned. We affirm that those who reside outside the circle of compassion surrounding the Animals, shall see through the fear that prompts their desire to needlessly destroy the Creator’s innocents and we hold the vision that, through divine enlightenment, this dilemma is fully resolved --- and that all confinement of innocent Animals may cease.

Beneath all outer appearances we recognize a deep sense of clarity and connection with all life. We dismiss the illusion of separation. In the heart of our hearts, we behold all expressions of life as sacred. The winged ones of the air, the finned ones of the sea, the furred and fleshed ones of the land --- and all other magnificent life forms are demonstrations of Divine Intelligence and we affirm here today that all be held safely in the heart of the ages.

The waters of understanding and tolerance cleanse us all and elevate all innocent animals to a higher place of compassionate acknowledgment in the eyes of the humans with whom they share this earth and, in particular, those who view them with indifference or as dispensable. We see the promise, for all Earth’s Animals, of serene and fully expressed lives, free of judgment and violence….and free to live as their fullest and most complete expression of the Divine.

At this time, if you wish, please take a few moments to add your personal thoughts for the Animals for whom you wish to place an intention – (SPEAKER INVITES AUDIENCE TO SPEAK ALOUD OR SILENTLY)

As we conclude tonight’s Vigil, we hold the highest intention of PEACE and HOPE for all species and we affirm and know for all humankind, our roles as loving protectors and guardians of all beings. We step humbly into true stewardship, knowing that we all share the experience of being living and divine expressions of life and that there is no separation among us. In this great web of life --- where what we do to one, we do to all --- we bless and acknowledge those leaders with an expanded consciousness of compassion --- who view all life as interconnected.

We set an intention on this day to learn from, follow and support their example. May we, too, be inspired to honor and sustain the intention of this day of HOPEFUL and PEACEFUL affirmation by seeking ways in which we can be of greater personal service for all Animals. We claim and pronounce for ourselves, the self-awareness, enlightenment and resolve to make it so.

Today…of all days…we stand on the precipice of unprecedented change and from this vantage point, see before us a bridge of HOPE that leads us to a place of PEACE.

We know that even the smallest change begins with a single thought. Therefore, we proclaim our intention to choose thoughts of empathy and HOPE. HOPE for the Animals mentioned in this meditation and HOPE for all of the majestic life forms with whom we share the Earth.

We affirm, as we go forward in this pioneering work for Animals, to choose our thoughts and actions
conscientiously and compassionately. We affirm tolerance and understanding and open-mindedness for the executives, stockholders and lab personnel, who hold the lives of the Animals in their hands.

Today, we conjure a new paradigm by pouring a foundation of HOPE and PEACE to support a new and emerging discipline of compassion. And from that foundation we build of a haven of HOPE and understanding for the beautiful Animals whose lives are held in our hands.

We are so grateful this day --- grateful to stand alongside each other as pioneers of HOPE and PEACE for the Animals we honor here. While we may be separated by miles, the unity of our collective intention inspires and unites us. We know that every thought holds within it the power to change the world and we know this day that we have done exactly that thorough the limitless power of shared thoughts of HOPE and PEACE for the beloved

Animals and HOPE for those human decision makers who so delicately balance their fate. We also hold gratitude for the hearts and minds that are just beginning to open with a willingness to change. May they be encouraged and unfettered as they choose compassion over cruelty and may we be patient and non-judgmental in all of our interactions, knowing that our life is our message.

As we stand in the soft glow of this deep gratitude, we release our words of HOPE and PEACE for all animals in need, into that creative medium --- that sacred soil of life which knows only to support and protect and nurture and deliver the seeds of our thoughts. Our hearts are at PEACE within the knowing that our intention is already manifest in the world of effects and that the seeds of our thoughts of HOPE and PEACE have already blossomed by the very power of our word.

We join together to bear witness this day to the magnificence of this most exquisite garden; a garden blossoming with flowers of HOPE and PEACE --- for Animals held hostage and for those who are bound to be their champions.

Amen & Amen and So It Is! 

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