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As UTMB Animal Deaths Continue, SAEN Calls for Firing of Research Administrator

SAEN Succesfully Prosecutes UTMB

SAEN Exposes Another Monkey Death at UTMB

SAEN Reveals the Horrors of Primate Research in International News Media

SAEN Uncovers More Fatal Negligence at Emory University

Major SAEN Success: USDA Prosecutes University of California, Davis

SAEN Exposes Traumatic Injuries/Illegal Surgeriers in Monkeys at Brown University

Another SAEN Success: USDA Prosecutes University of Illinois

SAEN Reveals More Sheep Deaths at Washington State University

SAEN Successfully Pressures USDA to Prosecute University of Wisconsin, Madison

SAEN Uncovers Chinchilla & Guinea Pig deaths at the University of Oklahoma

SAEN Blows the Whistle on Primate Products over Another Monkey Death

SAEN Exposes New Monkey Deaths at Alpha Genesis

SAEN Reveals 16 Sheep Deaths at West Virginia University

SAEN Successfully Prosecutes Covance!

SAEN Busts Glaxo Smith Kline for Primate Choking Death

SAEN Blows the Whistle on Montana State University for Monkey Deaths and Illnesses

SAEN Exposes 3 More Deaths at West Virginia University

SAEN 2016 Summer Newsletter - The Defender

SAEN Success: USDA Fines Oklahoma State University

SAEN Reveals 16 Sheep Deaths at West Virginia University

SAEN Pressuers WSU into Launching External Lab Probe

SAEN Reveals More Negligent Deaths & Injuries at Washington State University

SAEN Blows the Whistle on Puppy & Pig Deaths at the University of Missouri, Columbia

SAEN Victory: USDA Fines Air Transport International

SAEN Exposes Federal Violations at the Forest Park Zoo

SAEN Pushes for Federal Penalty against UC Davis following Multiple Animal Deaths & Injuries

SAEN Calls for USDA Fine Against Oregon Zoo

SAEN Reveals Monkey Death at University of Utah

SAEN Keeps Pressure on WSU with Second USDA Complaint

SAEN Exposes more Federal Violations at Cincinnati Zoo

SAEN Blows Lid off Washington State University Bear & Sheep Deaths

SAEN Pushes USDA to Penalize Cincinnati zoo for Gorilla death

SAEN Calls for Maximum Federal Fine as OHSU Death Toll Climbs

SAEN Reveals Continuing Fatal Negligence at Wake Forest University

HUGE SAEN Victory: Santa Cruz Biotech Closing Forever!

SAEN Exposes Recent Baboon Death at University of Oklahoma & Calls for Federal Fine

SAEN Calls for Maximum Penalty against University of Colorado for Abuse of Cats, Guinea Pigs & Rabbits

SAEN Reveals Negligent Shark Deaths at Florida Atlantic University

As 220 Chimps are retired, SAEN Calls for end to ALL Primate Research at ULL

SAEN Calls for Termination of Alpha Genesis License

SAEN Blows the Whistle on UCLA's Rampant Negligence: Rabbit Set on Fire & Sea Lions Killed

SAEN Exposes Pig Death and Research Misconduct at Creighton University

SAEN Reveals Filthy Conditions and Sick Animals at Pi Bioscientific

SAEN Uncovers Primate Deaths at University of Washington

SAEN Calls for Another Prosecution of UTMB

SAEN Exposes Grisly Monkey Deaths at Oregon Health & Science University

SAEN Exposes Continuing Primate Fatalities & Injuries at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute

SAEN Reveals Severe Negligence at the University of Iowa

SAEN Exposes Grisly Monkey Strangulation at Oregon Health & Science University

MAJOR SAEN VICTORY: USDA Fines University of Oklahoma

SAEN Uncovers Mentally Disturbed Primates at University of Southern Mississippi

SAEN Reveals Even More OU Negligence - 5 Guinea Pigs Dead

SAEN Exposes Massive Negligence in Filthy Texas A&M Lab

SAEN Uncovers Fatality at University of Oklahoma: Botched Surgery Kills Dog

SAEN Reveals Cover-up of Research Misconduct at Lehigh University

SAEN Demands Sanctuary for OU Baboons

SAEN Achieves MASSIVE NATIONAL COVERAGE of Neglect/Cover-up at University of Texas, Medical Branch, Galveston (UTMB)

SAEN Pushes for Federal Action Against Alpha Genesis

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