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Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
S. A. E. N.
"Exposing the truth to wipe out animal experimentation"

The Defender
Vol. 1, No. 2 - Fall/Winter 2002


P&G -- the Deceit goes on


Procter & Gamble has done a very good job of managing their reputation.  Despite continuing to torture and kill animals in unnecessary testing, this company has succeeded in making the public believe that P&G is one of the corporate Good Guys.  Nothing could be further from the truth.


On October 8th Michael Budkie, SAEN Executive Director, attended the Procter & Gamble shareholders meeting to speak for the animals in P&G labs.  He reminded attendees that he had coordinated national protests against P&G in the past, even risking arrest.  But, despite opposition to P&Gs policies, nothing had changed:


As far as I know P&G still puts chemicals into the eyes of unanesthetized rabbits.  As far as I know P&G still places caustic chemicals onto the exposed skin of guinea pigs.  As far as I know P&G still poisons rats, mice, and other species.

       But, I want to give you an opportunity to convince me.  Convince me that I shouldn't organize national protests to target P&G.   Show me something that P&G has done that would merit a different course of action.


At the conclusion of this meeting I will be waiting out in the lobby for an opportunity to discuss these issues with a P&G representative. 


                As the meeting concluded Budkie was met by Larry Games (P&G Vice President of Global Product Safety) and Barbara Slatt (P&G Manager, R&D). 


                Mr. Budkie met with these P&G representatives for over two hours to discuss animal testing.  He offered many suggestions for steps that Procter & Gamble could take to demonstrate sincerity in their efforts in this area.   These issues were discussed:


1. Disclosure of the number of animals used in testing by P&G.


2. Disclosure of the names of outside contract labs used by P&G.


3. Development of a timetable for the elimination of testing for P&G products.


4. Disclosure of any tests already eliminated by P&G.


                The P&G representatives said that they would consider these issues. However, any information disclosures were to be to SAEN staff alone.  Signing a confidentiality agreement would be a prerequisite for any disclosures.  The meeting was concluded with the intention to communicate again within two weeks.


                A month passed with no word from P&G.  Then, on November 4th the Independent Digital, an online publication in Europe, broke a story revealing an internal P&G memo which discussed company plans to lobby European governments to delay the implementation of a cosmetics testing ban for 10 years.


                Excerpts of the memo by Barbara Slatt, one of the P&G representatives that had met with SAEN, were included in the article:


. . . Ms Slatt said it was important to keep P&G out of the "media spotlight". She warned: "It would be damaging to be seen as the company lobbying to test on animals, against public opinion."


                It has become quite apparent that P&G has no intention of ending animal testing any time soon.  It is up to us to force P&G to make a change.  Please call P&G to insist that all use of animals for testing non-food, non-drug products is ended.  Be sure to tell them that you are boycotting their products.  P&Gs toll-free number is 1-800-331-3774.

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