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Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
S. A. E. N.
"Exposing the truth to wipe out animal experimentation"

The Defender
Vol. 1, No. 1 - Spring/Summer 2002

P&G Report

Early in the month of May I was asked to speak at a local rally, which was the flagship event in the annual Global Day of Action Against Procter & Gamble. SAENís main office is just outside of Cincinnati (OH), the location of the International Headquarters of P&G.

During previous work to oppose animal experimentation, I had been instrumental in beginning the P&G Boycott. In fact, I had been arrested at two separate P&G protests in Cincinnati. I have very strong feelings about the P&G Boycott. Therefore, I felt that it was essential for me to participate in this important event.

Over thirty activists assembled on Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati for the rally. I was gratified to see the wonderful turnout, and looked forward to the opportunity to address these dedicated people. As I spoke to the activists, I tried to both re-emphasize the plight of the animals and assure the activists that our work had truly made a difference:

ďP&G is not one of the good guys, at least not if you care about the rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and mice that die in their labs. The deaths of these animals stand in stark contrast to the squeaky clean image that P&G tries to present.

But have we made a difference?? Have the hours spent picketing, leafleting, and writing letters made a difference? . . . .

We have been heard. First, we have been heard by P&G. . . . . If we hadnít put pressure on this corporate giant, it is highly likely that they would have done NOTHING about animal testing. So, yes -- We have forced some changes out of P&G. And more will come. It is up to us to keep the pressure on Procter & Gamble so that one day there will be no need for these rallies.

We have been heard in other places too. We must remember that we are part of a larger movement. As we stand here today, we are joined by activists across the globe that are involved in the same struggle. We benefit from their victories, and they from ours.

A REUTERS news service story, dated May 24th (yesterday) announced that a committee of the parliament of the European Union has unanimously voted to ban cosmetics tests within the EU in the next five years. . . . once this law is passed, animal testing on cosmetics will have a time limit. Testing for cosmetics

will have a short life span, and we will see it end. This is a tremendous victory for animals.Ē

This was the second year in a row that I have spoken at this rally. I will personally keep working to put an end to animal testing in the laboratories of the Procter and Gamble Corporation. It is my goal to bring all SAEN activists into the fight against P&G. Please call P&G to insist that they end all use of animals for the testing of non-food, non-drug products. Their toll-free number is 1-800-331-3774.

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