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Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
S. A. E. N.
"Exposing the truth to wipe out animal experimentation"

The Defender
Vol. 2, No. 2 - Fall/Winter 2003

From the Desk of Michael Budkie, SAENís Executive Director

2003 was an exciting year, and 2004 holds many opportunities for SAEN to fight for animals. During 2003 we accomplished many things for the animals that are imprisoned in labs. All of our accomplishments have been a direct result of donations made by people just like you. None of the vital campaigns organized by SAEN would have happened without your support. I cannot thank you enough for the gifts which you have given to us.

During the past year SAEN has exposed the ugly underside of vivisection to people across the U.S.. The hard-hitting investigations that have become our trademark were the basis of many important pieces of media coverage across America. Prestigious publications and news services have made our work into headlines! During 2003 SAEN events were covered by The Medical Research Law & Policy Report, the Daily Cardinal, the Harvard Crimson, and the Wisconsin Radio Network to name only a few. The Worcester Telegram & Gazette made our work into front page news! We also forced one of the nationís largest labs to make unprecedented changes in their experimentation policy. These successes were the direct result of your donations.

This issue of The Defender will get you up-to-date on all of our recent work for the animals. Updates are included on: Our victory against the University of Wisconsin, National Primate Liberation Week, Outreach 2003, and The P.E.A.C.E. Project. We have also included crucial information from our national report: The Primate Experimentation Scandal.

As 2004 opens, we are faced with many difficult decisions. We are currently deciding on our programs for the new year. We must support activists in dozens of cities during World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week (April 17th Ė 25th). After the successful National Primate Liberation Week this year, we must be certain to expand the scope of this event for 2004. And we must continue our crucial investigations into the inner workings of the vivisection industry. In 2003 we exposed the scope of the animal experimentation industry in terms of both animal suffering and the waste of hundreds of millions of federal tax dollars. We must keep the pressure on in 2004.

Right now, we are not certain if we will be able to continue these vital programs. That decision is yours. Do you think it is important to fight for the 96,000 primates that suffer in experimentation and imprisonment every year in U.S. laboratories? Should we work for their freedom? Should we fight to end their abuse?

Will we have the resources necessary to continue our work? Only you can make that decision.

These are difficult times, and we are all faced with troubling choices. I know that you are literally besieged with requests for donations from dozens of organizations. You have to decide where your priorities lie. Which organization gives you the most for your donation dollars?

I am proud of the many accomplishments of Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!. And I am amazed that we have done so much with so little. Our annual reports for 2002 & 2003 are included in this newsletter to help you evaluate our operations.

Did you know that our entire annual budget is less than the salary of many individual employees of the larger national animal rights groups? Did you know that during 2003 both of our full-time employees were each paid slightly more than $9000?

Where will your donation mean more? Who needs your support the most, a multi-million dollar organization that has tens of thousands of donors, or an aggressive group like SAEN who survives on the support of a small number of generous individuals? The bottom line is that your donation means more to SAEN than it does to almost any other national organization. Your gift is vital to our survival. You are an important part of SAEN, not just one of thousands.

When I receive the next call for help, what will I have to say? Will I be able to keep SAEN committed to the fight for animals? Will we be able to keep pressure on the labs that are abusing primates? All of these things are entirely up to you.

Please send as large a tax-deductible donation as you can afford to Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! Your gift of $25, $50, or $100 will make it possible for us to keep fighting for animals. A special gift of $100, $250, or $1000 will allow us to take on another laboratory that tortures and kills animals.

Without your gift SAEN cannot continue. It is really that simple. Our work is entirely dependent on your support. There is no one else. YOU are an important part of SAEN.

Can I count on you?

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