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Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
S. A. E. N.
"Exposing the truth to wipe out animal experimentation"

The Defender
Vol. 3, No. 1 - Spring/Summer 2004

WLALW 2004 -- A Great Event for the Animals!!

World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week (WLALW) 2004 was a fantastic achievement for the animals. This year’s work brought together activists on a national basis to oppose the plight of animals confined in labs. Twenty-one media events took place in eighteen states across the United States. Activists focused on individual labs, March of Dimes, Huntingdon Life Sciences, and many other issues.

As WLALW approached, SAEN compiled a report to expose animal labs titled: Breaking the Law, Animal Care in U.S. Labs which was disseminated to local activists across the nation. SAEN’s Executive Director, Michael A. Budkie, drove over 2000 miles during WLALW working with local activists to hold protests, news conferences, and other media events in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Chicago. Together, we generated major media attention in many cities.

Alliance for Animals & Madison Coalition for Animal Rights Cage Sit Protest at University of Wisconsin

Other crucial events took place in Atlanta (Primate Freedom Project, over 100 activists in attendance), Seattle (Northwest Animal Rights Network), Portland (OR – IDA Northwest), and Madison (WI – the Alliance for Animals) targeting the National Primate Research Centers in their areas. The Tucson Chapter of the Animal Defense League of Arizona targeted the Medical Center of the University of Arizona. San Diego Animal

Advocates focused on the University of California, San Diego. Vigil for Animals picketed the University of California, San Francisco. Last Chance for Animals focused on UCLA and Cedars Sinai.

Baltimore Animal Rights Coalition & TIGER P.A.W. Protest at Johns Hopkins University

The Committee for Research Accountability picketed the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. Florida Voices for Animals protested at the University of South Florida. ADL Chicago picketed Northwestern. The Baltimore Animal Rights Coalition protested at Johns Hopkins University. The Kalamazoo Animal Liberation League focused on Hazelton Research Products. Protect Our Earth’s Treasures targeted Ohio State University. In Solidarity with Animals held a candlelight vigil at the University of Texas, Houston. Activists in New York City organized 30 days of events about animal testing.

This event was extremely successful with hundreds of thousands of people learning the truth about animal experimentation through radio, television, and newspaper articles. The majority of the newspaper articles from WLALW as well as the above mentioned report are available on our website at www.wlalw.org . We would like to thank all of the grassroots activists who came together to make WLALW 2004 such an amazing event!


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