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The Defender
From the Spring 2007 Issue

Food and College
by Elyse Budkie

For most high school juniors and seniors going off to college is something to anticipate. However, for someone like myself who is vegan, the college search is complicated by one concern that many potential students donít have to worry about Ė will I be able to eat at this school? Talk of majors and dorm rooms can quickly become secondary to discussions about the availability of something other than salads on the menu.

So far, my search has taken me on visits to several different schools: including Berea College, Capital University, Antioch College, Marietta College, Wittenberg University, and University of Evansville.

Many college cafeterias are fairly vegetarian friendly, but it can still be complicated if you are vegan as I am. Many recipes (everything from pizza to burritos) can contain dairy products. But many schools at least serve veggie burgers and a few basic dishes. Overall, the issue of eating at college is very similar to trying to eat at a traditional restaurant -- the selections can be limited. And veggie burgers start to lose their appeal after about the twentieth meal.

My visit to the campus of the University of Evansville, IN had unexpected results. The campus seemed nice, and the teachers were both enthusiastic and friendly.

But few vegan options existed in the cafeteria. So, I left the visit feeling kind of disappointed, thinking this was probably a good school that I might not be able to attend because of food issues.

However, in the days that followed my visit to Evansville things changed. A campus visit evaluation arrived asking me about my visit to the school. I responded saying that I liked the school but was worried about whether I would be able to eat there during a full school year. The university was very responsive to my situation. After exchanging several emails with dining services and university administration, the University of Evansville staff told me that their policy for vegetarian options in the cafeteria would be changing. They had decided to offer a vegan option and soymilk at every meal!

I am still undecided about what college I will attend, and many things will enter into the decision, but for right now the University of Evansville is back on my list of possibilities.

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