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Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
S. A. E. N.
"Exposing the truth to wipe out animal experimentation"

The Defender
From the Spring 2007 Issue

University of Wisconsin – still torturing animals after all these years

The University of Wisconsin has a long history of causing severe suffering to animals of many different species. Whether we look at the infamous Harry Harlow’s maternal deprivation experiments from decades ago or more recent events where primates were killed by negligence -- running them through a cage washer -- the University of Wisconsin is well-known for abusing animals.

During the first nine months of 2005, the UW piled up 20 violations of the Animal Welfare Act including infractions involving inadequate veterinary care, unqualified personnel, inadequate housing/facilities, and improper supervision of experimentation by the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee. It is not surprising that the abuses practiced by this entity involve many species of animals including dogs and primates.

One incident involved a dog that was allowed to suffer severely for months. Dog #458783 died on 7/5/05 at the UW. In the weeks before death, this dog lost 41% of his/her body weight. This animal had been vomiting for more than sixteen weeks with this symptom being listed in the daily care log no less than seven separate times. Despite repeated notations of symptoms including vomiting, weight loss, lethargy, lack of appetite, and general non-responsiveness over a period of almost four months, no veterinarian was ever contacted. This dog simply wasted away until death ended this suffering.
On 4/26/05 rhesus monkey #04046 was observed by a USDA inspector to have an arm caught in the front of his/her enclosure. Upon further investigation the inspector learned that the primate had suffered from a similar situation repeatedly since 8/21/04, often being treated for swelling and trauma to this same arm. However, the veterinarian had not been informed of the cause of the problem, and so nothing had been done to rectify the situation. On this day the head animal care technician was called, and after lubricating the primate’s arm attempted to free it by forcing the arm back into the cage. The monkey began to scream in pain, and the USDA inspector intervened and forced the UW staff to call for a veterinarian. The vet then anesthetized the monkey, and bolt cutters were used to remove part of the cage.

Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! exposed this abuse and negligence to Wisconsin media in mid-July. The story was covered by The Isthmus, The Capital Times, and the Wisconsin Radio Network. These media outlets revealed the reality of animal experimentation to hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin’s citizens.

According to government reports, ongoing experiments at the UW deprive primates, hamsters, and cats of food and/or water. Primates are confined to restraint chairs for up to 16 hours. Cats are paralyzed, and coils are placed into the eyes of primates. A lab that has neglected and abused animals so severely is responsible for the care of thousands of animals every year. The incidents uncovered by the USDA are likely only the tip of the iceberg at this huge facility.

UW 2004 Animal Experimentation Statistics
(not including rats, mice and birds)



















Wild Animals




Since the federal government is grossly ineffective at ending the abuse of animals in laboratories, Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! will continue to push the laboratory doors open to expose the truth to the tax-paying public. Only through our continued vigilance will the practice of animal experimentation eventually be ended.

The negligence and abusive behavior practiced by UW staff are simply inexcusable. They must not be allowed to continue this kind of callous indifference to the needs of animals in their care. Please write to the University of Wisconsin to express your outrage at their negligence.

Chancellor John D. Wiley
University of Wisconsin
161 Bascom Hall
500 Lincoln Dr.
Madison, WI 53706
(608) 262-9946
[email protected]

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