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The Defender
From Fall 2008 Issue

Michigan State University Denies Official Warning from USDA

Many laboratories across the U.S. break the law on a regular basis. Some of the most serious violations which we have seen in recent years occurred within the facilities of Michigan State University (MSU). A USDA inspection report from August of 2007 reveals extremely serious violations of federal regulations that have killed dozens of innocent animals at MSU.

On July 9, 2007, 66 mink died of heat stress while being housed in an outdoor enclosure in 96 degree heat. Fifty-six of these unfortunate animals had recently been housed indoors in air conditioning and were not acclimated to the excessive temperature. Clearly, this is an example of negligence on the part of MSU staff.

On September 13, 2006, a 3 month old puppy named Kelly was found drowned in a floor drain at MSU. The life of this innocent animal was tragically cut short by the negligence of MSU.

The negligence and callousness of MSU is surpassed only by the ineffectiveness of the USDA at enforcing the Animal Welfare Act. In a written warning dated September of 2007, Dr. Elizabeth Goldentyer, Director of USDA’s Eastern Region,

absolved MSU of all wrongdoing with essentially no penalty. No fine was issued -- no meaningful action was taken. Apparently, one can only conclude that the lives of a 3 month old puppy and 66 mink mean nothing more to the USDA than a few pieces of paper.

SAEN had recently requested supporters to send letters of protest to MSU. MSU’s response was nothing short of bizarre. Marc Breedlove, Chair of MSU’s Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee, replied to your letters with nothing less than bald faced lies. First, he said:

The USDA did not find any violation of the Animal Welfare Act had occurred.”

Then he went on to add:

Donations to anti-research groups further the causes of terrorism, deception and hate.”

We could not allow these untruths to stand unchallenged. On June 6, 2008, we contacted Lou Anna K. Simon, MSU’s president, to demand a retraction. Within a week, SAEN supporters received further correspondence from Mr. Breedlove retracting these lies.

Here at SAEN, we hold many basic values, such as honesty, to be sacrosanct. The staff of animal laboratories would do well to hold the same beliefs.

We want to thank everyone who wrote to MSU and forwarded all of the letters to us.

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