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Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
S. A. E. N.
"Exposing the truth to wipe out animal experimentation"

The Defender
From Spring 2008 Issue

National Primate Liberation Week 2007 – Taking on the Abusers from Coast to Coast

 National Primate Liberation Week 2007 (NPLW) was an amazing event which focused the attention of the American Public on the continuing abuse of primates in U.S. labs. Crucial cities across the nation saw major media events coordinated by Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! as well as many local groups.

On the west coast, local activists from Vigil for Animals targeted the heinous labs of the University of California in San Francisco (UCSF) while other local activists targeted UC Davis. UCSF has a long history of animal welfare act violations and continues to perform experiments on macaques that deprive them of water for as much as twenty-two hours. UC Davis confines over 5000 monkeys and performs many experiments which involve confining primates to restraint chairs. SAEN’s Executive Director, Michael Budkie, coordinated a dramatic news conference in Seattle, WA which exposed terrible abuses within the Washington Primate Research Center, as well as a major cover-up.

On the east coast, the Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition (MARC) held a major protest at Harvard Square to oppose the continuing abuse of non-human primates at the New England Primate Research Center which is run by the Harvard Medical School. This facility performs numerous terrible primate experiments including one which studies self-injurious behavior in dozens of macaque monkeys. In New York City, Win Animal Rights staged major protests against Huntingdon Life Sciences and the ongoing cruelty inside their labs. Reach Out for Animal Rights coordinated a successful protest in Philadelphia (PA) to target the many Animal Welfare Act violations of the University of Pennsylvania.

In the South, NPLW events were coordinated in North Carolina by SERAT (Stop the Exploitation of Research & Animals in the Triangle) to target Duke University, while SAEN held riveting news conferences in Nashville (TN) focusing on Vanderbilt and in Birmingham (AL) exposing animal torture at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. Additional events were held in Phoenix (AZ) by Citizens Against Covance opposing the construction of a new Covance laboratory and in St. Louis (MO) by the Saint Louis Animal Rights Team, who revealed brutal monkey experiments at Washington University.

SAEN would like to thank all of the wonderful local organizations and activists that made National Primate Liberation Week 2007 such a smashing success and look forward to continued cooperation as we work for a day when events like NPLW will no longer be necessary.

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