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The Defender
From Spring 2009 Issue

Vegan Recipes
submitted by Claudia Mooter

Veggie Stew

2 C mushrooms
2 med onions, chopped 1/2 inch pieces
2 large cloves garlic minced, or 1 t garlic granules
3 or 4 carrots, peeled and sliced
4 med potatoes peeled & cut in chunks, 1-2 inches
1 C celery, 1/2 inch pieces
1 1/2 C green beans 1 inch pieces, or 1 1/2 C frozen lima beans
1 8 oz tempeh or 1 box seitan, cut in 1/2 inch cubes
1 T oil, (optional)
1/4 C soy sauce or Bragg's Liquid Aminos
6-8 C veggie broth (may need more if cooks off)
1 t basil or oregano (optional)
1/2 t thyme (optional)
1 C cubed turnip, parsnip, or rutabaga (optional)
1/2 C whole wheat pastry flour or arrow root (1/4 to 1/2 C water)
dill or parsley garnish (optional)

Heat 1 T oil in large skillet and brown onions, garlic, and mushrooms, about 5-10 minutes. Stir occasionally. Turn off. Set aside. Place 6-8 C water or broth in large pot and add carrots, potatoes, celery, beans, and any other optional vegetables of your choice. Bring to boil, reduce heat, and cook medium-low for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally until vegetables are firm tender. Sautee tempeh or seitan (can sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper) until lightly browned. Add onion mixture to vegetables and add tempeh or seitan and all herbs, and heat gently. When hot, reduce heat and simmer 5-8 minutes. May need more water. In small bowl, mix water with pastry flour or arrowroot to make smooth paste. Add to hot stew until it thickens, 5-10 minutes. Add more broth or more roux until it has the consistency you like. Taste and adjust seasoning. Once stew is done, it can be served over noodles or rice, or with dumplings (see recipe below). You may omit meat analogues and just use your favorite vegetables -- squash, broccoli and peas are good. A 1/2 C red wine may be added for a special touch. Taste and adjust seasoning before serving and enjoy!

Makes 6-8 servings

Gram’s Steamed Dumplings

2 C flour (your choice; I prefer whole wheat pastry or 2 or 3 kinds mixed)
4 t baking powder
1 t salt (less if desired)
1 C water or soymilk or veggie broth
1 or 2 t mixed herbs, your choice or omit or use chopped parsley or fresh dill

These dumplings are great with veggie and seitan or tempeh stew. Simply sift dry ingredients together, add liquid. You can put herbs in batter or sprinkle on top of each dumpling. Mix and drop spoonfuls on hot stew and cook 10 minutes uncovered and 10 minutes covered. When firm to touch they are done. You can also just drop in a lightly oiled steamer basket and cook over hot water uncovered for 10 minutes and covered 10- 15 minutes. You can use this like bread or put in soup or stew or pour gravy or faux cheese sauce over them. I like these because they are easy and fat free, so low in calories and gentle on your heart and arteries. Enjoy!

Makes 4-6 medium dumplings

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