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The Defender
From Spring 2009 Issue

Chronic Cruelty at the University of Wisconsin – SAEN Demands Action

The University of Wisconsin, Madison (UW) is one of the largest primate laboratories in the U.S. using over 1500 primates in experimentation every year. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has repeatedly cited the UW for violations of federal law including a recent incident where inadequate veterinary care contributed to the death of primate #cyo122. The USDA report states:

“The differential diagnosis of a partial intestinal obstruction/abdominal mass was not pursued in a timely manner, resulting in the death of the animal.”

SAEN investigations have uncovered incidents at the UW that reveal both extreme negligence and further violations of the Animal Welfare Act. These violations involve several primates named Conrad, Glen, Shepard, and Aldrin.

Medical records for Conrad reveal that he has suffered from a long series of bacterial infections and abscesses.

The most serious issue relates to a deep tooth abscess that was first suspected on 10/17/06. This condition is again mentioned on 11/13/06 when a UW staff person (likely a veterinarian) suggests that further assessment be done, including an x-ray to discover the condition of the jaw. However, this condition is not mentioned again until 1/22/07 (two months later) when the record discusses a:

“chronic sore L Lower Jaw. Can palpate bone damage under lesion. Suspect deep tooth abscess with mandible damage. Tooth extraction, surgical repair recommended.”

No tooth extractions were performed until 2/5/07. Conrad was allowed to suffer unnecessary pain due to an untreated tooth abscess that was allowed to progress to a point where the mandible (jaw bone) was damaged.

UW records for the primates named Aldrin and Shepard discuss the escape of another primate (Glen) on 6/29/07. During this escape both Aldrin and Shepard were severely injured by Glen.

Shepard’s record reveals that he had a:

“large laceration on R palm – extending from between the 3rd & 4th finger to the wrist.”

Aldrin’s record states that his hand received:

“major trauma, unable to repair. Amputated finger at 1st phalangeal-metacarpal joint.”

It is puzzling that Glen’s record for the same period of time does not even mention that he escaped.
Shepard’s record also reveals that during a surgical procedure on 7/24/07 UW staff:

“Accidentally burned his forehead with soldering iron.”

It is obvious that these animals would have experienced substantial pain and distress and should have been reported as such on the annual report filed by this facility to the USDA. However, according to USDA reports, no primates were reported as experiencing unrelieved pain or distress in the entire state of Wisconsin during 2007.

It is very clear from this information that the primates at the University of Wisconsin do not receive sufficient veterinary care. The animals are being seriously injured because either their enclosures are inadequate or the staff is careless enough to allow them to escape. Additionally, the negligence that caused Shepard to be burned during a surgical procedure is shocking and inexcusable.
SAEN has filed an Official Complaint with the USDA demanding that severe action be taken against the University of Wisconsin.

Please write to the Director of the Eastern
Region of the USDA/APHIS/AC to demand
immediate action against the University of
Wisconsin, Madison:

Dr. Elizabeth Goldentyer
920 Main Campus Dr, Suite 2000
Raleigh, NC 27606

(919) 855-7100
[email protected]

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