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Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
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"Exposing the truth to wipe out animal experimentation"

The Defender
From Summer 2009 Issue

WLALW 2009 -- Fighting for Animals across the Globe

World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week 2009 (WLALW) (April 18 Ė 26) was an amazing success! During this phenomenal week, protests, news conferences, and other media events targeted labs in 28 cities spanning 18 states and Washington, DC along with international events taking place in France, Ireland, and England.

WLALW 2009 events were coordinated in Phoenix (AZ), Los Angeles, Davis, San Francisco, & San Diego (CA), New Haven (CT), Tampa & Maitland (FL), Atlanta (GA), Cambridge & Boston (MA), Ann Arbor, East Lansing, & Kalamazoo (MI), Minneapolis (MN), Reno (NV), Concord (NH), Raleigh (NC), Syracuse & New York City (NY), Columbus (OH), Portland (OR), Pittsburgh & Philadelphia (PA), Austin (TX), Richmond (VA), Seattle (WA), and Washington, DC.

During WLALW 2009, SAENís Michael Budkie led successful news conferences in San Francisco and Davis (CA) announcing the launch of SAENís unprecedented ground breaking anti-experimentation TV ads in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley, and Davis. Michael also was a key speaker at a massive rally in Los Angeles and marched with San Diego Animal Advocates at a protest targeting the Salk Institute. These California events received major coverage blanketing all media outlets exposing the truth about animal experimentation to hundreds of thousands.

SAENís Los Angeles chapter worked in conjunction with Orange County People for Animals (OCPA), UCLA Animal Law Society (ALS), and Last Chance for Animals (LCA) bombarding area labs with a week full of anti-animal research events. The weekís events kicked off on Monday with a moving speech by Michael Budkie presented by the UCLA Animal Law Society. Pressure continued on Wednesday with major protests at two University of California campuses (Los Angeles and Irvine). The UCLA protest collided with substantial resistance from a pro-research group called Pro-Test. A major media blitz resulted from the clash over UCLAís animal testing and the huge turnout (over 100 activists) for the SAEN/LCA/OCPA/ALS event. This exciting week climaxed on Thursday with a protest at Cedars Sinai.

Numerous WLALW 2009 events spanning the U.S. were exciting and successful. Out west, Covance labs were targeted by local Phoenix (AZ) activists to expose the companyís continuing animal abuse. Charles River Laboratories was pressured by activists of Reno (NV). In Defense of Animalsí northwest office protested at Oregon Health Sciences University. The Northwest Animal Rights Network exposed the suffering of primates at the University of Washington, Seattle.

In the northeast, Win Animal Rights organized several anti-HLS events in New York City. People for Animal Rights coordinated a protest at the Bristol-Myers facility in Syracuse (NY). Yale Affiliates Animal Rights Network & PETA opposed Yale. Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition rallied against animal testing in Bostonís Copley Square and marched opposing primate experimentation at Harvard. Reach Out for Animal Rights picketed the University of Pennsylvania, the nationís leading AWA violator.

In other areas, Protect Our Earthís Treasures targeted animal experimentation at Ohio State University in Columbus. The Pittsburgh Association for the Abolition of Vivisection picketed at the University of Pittsburgh. Defend Animal Rights Today and Tomorrow organized an anti-HLS event in Washington, D.C., targeting the Vanguard Group for their corporate ties to Huntington Life Sciences.

SAEN would like to thank all of the wonderful local and national organizations and activists that made World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week 2009 such a smashing success and look forward to continued cooperation as we work for a day when events like WLALW will no longer be necessary!.

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