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Spring 2010 Issue

Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
S. A. E. N.
"Exposing the truth to wipe out animal experimentation"

From the Desk of Michael Budkie, SAEN’s Executive Director

Animal experimentation will become extinct only when the public learns the ugly truth. That day can only come when the laboratory doors are blown wide open exposing the gory details of negligence and abuse which are so commonplace inside our nation’s research facilities.

These exploiters who profit from animal experimentation do not want the truth to escape. They want the truth to remain hidden behind locked laboratory doors, preventing us from witnessing how animals suffer and die.

The research facilities tell us that the USDA is capable of protecting animals from abuse, when the agency’s own documents paint a very different picture of needless suffering and death on a massive scale.

The use of animals in laboratories is full of very unpleasant images, which most of us want to avoid. Many are more than happy to believe this illusion depicted by the research industry because it allows them to avoid the truth, and not get involved.

Yet, the truth contains many unpleasant pictures of monkeys starving, kittens strangulating, cats bleeding fatally, monkeys being boiled alive, and living hamsters being left for dead in carcass freezers. These individuals portray only a small fraction of the negligence which is so common in laboratories -- we have only scratched the surface.

SAEN has uncovered information contained in USDA reports illustrating the abuse and neglect that killed over 64 animals in 18 labs in under two years. However, the USDA inspects most labs only once a year. What happens in these labs the other 364 days when no inspectors are present? How many negligent deaths go undiscovered in 1100 labs nationwide?

In January of this year, SAEN hit the ground running with our Criminal Labs campaign, cracking down on these negligent labs. Within two weeks, eight of these labs were exposed through gripping news stories which reached millions of people -- crisscrossing the globe through the internet. In just one week, news stories generated by our campaign showed up on over 50,000 internet news pages!

But we are not stopping there!

We are delving beyond anything that the USDA provides by performing in-depth independent investigations of many laboratories who rank as the worst offenders, often overlooked by the USDA.

By scrutinizing tens of thousand of records, which represent the tortured lives of thousands of animals, we will unearth the previously unseen truth which no one else seems to be able to uncover. Although not a pleasant task because of both the enormity and the images conjured up by the horrors, we will persevere because only then can these negligent and abusive labs be brought to justice.

Animal exploitation is not limited to labs. Negligence and abuse kills and inflicts suffering on many animals in zoos, animal exhibitors, and dealers. Elephants, big cats, and many other species of animals suffer terribly at the hands of their captors.

We are working to revoke the licenses of individuals who exhibit exotic animals as well as fighting to remove animals from abusive situations. Inside, read more about this exciting new campaign spearheaded by our seasoned Director of Wildlife Advocacy, Don Elroy. Coming in the near future, a crucial new captive wildlife section will be added to our extensive website -- sure to be a valuable asset.

Make a point to visit our website to check out our SAEN merchandise – from our unique recycled cotton t-shirts to stainless steel water bottles to our new eye-opening book, Tear at the Jacket. SAEN merchandise enables you to be a voice for the animals by educating people in a non-confrontational manner.

Whether by the hands of researchers, dealers, or exhibitors, these atrocities cannot be ignored. It is our responsibility, our duty to fight for these animals – to work for their freedom – to remember their dead. No one else will take on this task, but together – you and I – we can accomplish it. We can be a voice for these tens of thousands of animal prisoners.

You can make this possible. You can give us the ability to continue our fight for the animals until every single cage is empty. Please make the decision to get actively involved with our work today

Your donation of $25, $50, or $100 will help us to fight for millions of imprisoned and suffering animals. Larger gifts of $250, $500, or $1000 will help us to take on the 1100 laboratories that blanket the U.S. with animal exploitation. Your continuing financial support will make it possible for us to keep fighting the cruelty and abuse that is intrinsic to every animal experiment. Thank you in advance for your gift.

Dear Michael,

I, too, am shocked and saddened by the suffering of innocent animals in labs today. This must be exposed and ENDED.

Please accept my tax-deductible donation to help with this cause:

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