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Vegan Lifestyle going one step further ...

Many of you reading this article have supported and worked towards an end to the barbaric experiments on primates and other sentient beings through the years. And many of you have taken the additional step of changing to a plant-based diet, but have you examined what is in the commercial food that you feed to your canine companions?

The ingredients of most commercially packaged dog foods contain meat/bone meals and/or byproducts. These ingredients are essentially the garbage of the meat-packing industry – things which have been deemed unfit for human consumption.

Additionally, just as human meat consumption supports the cruelty of factory farming, feeding commercially produced dog foods also contributes to the pain and suffering of animals raised for meat.

Most of us feed our dogs these packaged foods largely for the sake of convenience, but nutritionally sound alternatives are commercially available. But, if you want to go one step further, recipes exist to prepare fresh food for your furry friend.

Although dogs can easily be transitioned to a vegan diet with no health risks, cats have additional nutritional needs. Recipes for fresh vegan cat food can also be nutritionally sound, when enhanced with a supplement.

Check out the resources listed below.

Recommended Resources to start with:
Dogs and Cats go Vegetarian by Barbara Lynn Peden
Natural Food Recipes for Healthy Dogs by Carol Boyle
Vegetarian Dogs by Verona re-Bow and Jonathan Dune


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