Eleanor, The Hen

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Eleanor, The Hen

From United Poultry Concerns (UPC)

Eleanor was rescued from a farmers market in Pennsylvania by Mary Haller in 2006. Eleanor and seven companion chickens, including Troubadour the rooster, were stuck back of the market in a filthy 7X7-foot pen, with no protection from the weather or predators, amid piles of filth. Mary arranged with the owner to take them and have them brought to UPC.

From the time they arrived, Eleanor and her friends lived on our predator-proof porch and spent their days down the back steps in a penned yard we made especially for them. Sadly, one by one, the little flock died. Soon there was just Eleanor and Troubadour, who passed away during a veterinary exam in November. Fortunately, Eleanor was not left alone.

This past summer, we adopted six lovely hens from a woman who was forced to give them up. Eleanor now lives happily with her new friends, sharing her porch and yard with them. Their little faces peer into the kitchen each morning to see what’s going on and to remind me, “We’re ready to go outside!”