A Tiny Death - Readers Comments

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A Tiny Death - Readers Comments
Comments by Pat Zimmer - 18 Feb 2002

In Reference to: A Tiny Death

Dear Roger,

Your "A Tiny Death" is so beautiful and yet so sad to me.  I waited until it was almost time to go home from work to read it because I can control myself, maybe, until I get to my car and then I can cry.  I have only owned my home in the Pine Barrens for two years now so really haven't had too much time to work on my gardens.  But your little story went right to my heart.  

I love everything in my yard and that includes the snakes, turtles, snails, frogs, chipmunks, squirrels, birds, bunnies, walking sticks, the bats, fireflies, and all the bugs and plants.  I get so sad when everything disappears when it turns cold. My yard feels so lonely then.  There are some birds and squirrels but that is about it.  I love to sit out on summer evenings and watch the spiders, and all the little creatures crawling around under the little lights I have in my yard and to listen to all the wonderful night sounds.  

Thank you so much for sharing that piece with us.