The Caring Heart

with Dr. Joyce

Equality On The Creature Level

By Dr. Joyce of The Caring Heart Spokane, WA

“All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made.”
(John 1:3)

God made man in his own image, told man to subdue the earth and have dominion over it, and gave man tremendous thinking and creative abilities, as well as giving him/her thumbs which oppose fingers, thereby enabling the human hand to engage in a multitude of precise skills. Unlimited information can be preserved and communicated. Technology is incredible.

On the other hand, God wants mankind to be utterly compassionate, utterly loving, kind, care-giving, and humble. God, the Father, wants mankind to be transformed into having a spirit like Jesus. Non-hurtful. Non-killing. Being FOR life.

On the level of being created creatures, we are no different from the animals - land, sea, or air. All have abilities. All can suffer pain. All want quality of life. All want their lives to go on, and make incredible efforts to make continued living possible.

It seems to me that the highest form of awareness, compassion, love, and caring that we, as humans, can have is to view the other created creatures as equal with us on a creature level. We humans are not the only ones who are important. They, all, are important, too. For themselves. For God. And, for us.

Think about it. Isn’t it true that when humans believe others are less important and/or less valuable as creatures that is when humans also believe it is ok to harm, exploit, neglect, and kill them to suit human’s goals? Isn’t that what has happened to people of color for centuries? Humans can’t seem to stand others who are different from them. I read a long time ago that soldiers need to be conditioned to think of the enemy as intrinsically different and inferior to them, so they can be ok with killing them. Isn’t that they way the animals are viewed by so many? ---As being intrinsically different and inferior? Ok to kill? Doesn’t matter?

Believing that others who are different, be they human or animal, are intrinsically inferior to us does not sound like a humble position at all, to me!! It sounds like a puffed-up prideful position, and not a spirit like Jesus. Many animals seem to really sense the difference, too, between humans who relate to them with real respect for their personhood on an equal level, and those who feel “above” them, and are therefore aiming to control, dominate, and harm them if they want to. Thomas Edison said that, until mankind stops hurting other creatures, mankind will still be savage. I’ve never heard that savage-like persons will inhabit the Kingdom of God! Have you?

Dr. Joyce The Caring Heart Copyright 2011