The Animal Experimentation Scandal - 2006

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The Animal Experimentation Scandal - 2006
An Audit of the 2005 National Institutes of Health Funding of Animal Experimentation
By Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., Executive Director, SAEN

Animal Welfare Act (AWA) Enforcement Within the top 30 labs

A previous report (2) discussed the violation of federal law by laboratories within the United States. This report reveal that the violation of federal laws by animal labs is increasing: laboratories violated the AWA 1,780 times during the 2005 reporting year. During the 2002 reporting year the same regulations were violated 1,106 times. The 2005 violation total for laboratories represents a three-year increase of 60.9%.

Have the top 30 facilities contributed to these violations? Within the last two years Johns Hopkins University (#4), the University of California (San Francisco #9), and the University of California (Davis #25) have all been fined by the USDA for major violations of the Animal Welfare Act. Major issues have been raised at other facilities regarding animal care issues including the University of Wisconsin (Madison #26 primates killed in cage washer). Internal records from Harvard (#1), Oregon Health Sciences University (#3), University of Alabama (Birmingham #30) and UCLA (#12) indicate major primate care issues including self-injurious behavior, etc. (3) Additionally, 11 of the top 30 labs were ranked in the top 25 labs nationally for violating the Animal Welfare Act (4).

Statistical Highlights

The Animal Welfare Act was violated 1780 times by laboratories during the 2005 reporting year, a three-year increase of 60/9%.

3 of the top 30 labs have been fined by the USDA for Animal Welfare Act violations within the last two years. In the most recent ranking, 11 of the top 30 labs were in the top 25 for Animal Welfare Act violations.

2. 2005 Enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act: Whose Side is the USDA on? available at: 

3. The Primate Experimentation Scandal, 2005: An Investigative Report available at: 

4. Breaking the Law: Animal Care in U.S. Labs available at:

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