World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week

World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week is the week that surrounds April 24th every year - It's a national week of protests, media events, etc. at laboratories to stop testing and research on animals


Participating Organizations, Groups, and Individuals
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Events in 2006

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Organizations and Groups:



Alabama Voice for Animals



Citizens Against Covance


CAC is an all-volunteer grass-roots organization dedicated to keeping Covance out of Chandler. Our events will address Covance's history of AWA violations, recent fine by the USDA, their Ebola outbreaks, primate importation, etc. Likely activities will be April 28 including a press conference with speakers, and an especially innovative pyromaniacal effects event called "Covance Under Fire". Also see  "Protect Chandle" and .

We invite concerned individuals everywhere to join us in stopping Covance!



Los Angeles

World Week For Laboratory Animals UCLA Demo and March
Monday April 24th
11:30am - 1:30pm

Meet at the corner of Le Conte and Westwood

Please be on time.

On this week of remembrance for all animals who suffer needlessly in laboratories all over the world, please join us at UCLA to protest the use of live animals for research.

Directions to UCLA:
405 freeway
Exit Wilshire Blvd East
Left on Westwood
Le Conte crosses Westwood just before UCLA campus.
Turn left on Le Conte for parking.

After the march a bus will be leaving from Le Conte and Westwood to a demonstration in Torrance at Phenomenex to protest their involvement of vivisection at Huntingdon Life Sciences. All are welcome. Transport will be provided back to UCLA after the protest.

On Friday April 28th there will be an evening of mobile demonstrations against vivisection at UCLA.

Meet at the Sepulveda Park and ride at Mulholland Dr and Sepulveda. Just off the 405 freeway.

San Diego

San Diego Animal Advocates

San Francisco

Dear Animal Advocates, Companions, Guardians, Vigilers, Lovers and Liberators:

Following are 3 dates to remember for the sake of animals exploited in experiments at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). (Please note that the demonstration originally planned for April 25th at UCSF Parnassus campus has been changed to April 26th, Wednesday).

Date = April 23, Sunday ... Time = Noon till ? ... Place = Animal Switchboard Office, Fort Mason Center, Building C, Room 262, 2nd Floor, San Francisco

Purpose: Vigil Gathering/Sign Making/Strategy Planning regarding upcoming events; i.e., April 24th Press conference at UCSF Mission Bay Campus and April 26th Demonstration at UCSF Parnassus Campus.

Date = April 24, Monday ... Time = 11 AM till ? ... Place = UCSF Mission Bay Campus, 1700 4th Street (at intersection of 4th & 16th streets), San Francisco

Purpose: Press Conference on animals used in medical experiments at UCSF, expected speakers include Dr. Elliot Katz, In Defense of Animals; Virginia Handley, Animal Switchboard; and Bob O'Brien, Vigil for Animals. Speakers will call attention to the plight of animals used in lab experiments at UCSF - and the university's lack of response and accountability to the surrounding community's questions and concerns about their research projects annually exploiting hundreds of monkeys, pigs, sheep, cats, and dogs - and tens of thousands of mice, rats, fish and other animals.

Note: The press conference does not require a great number of persons to attend, but it would be great if you can come. However, if you need to make a choice between attending press conference and the demonstration on April 26 (Wednesday), please come to the demonstration on April 26 - we will need more activists for that event.

Date = April 26, Wednesday ... Time = 11:30 AM till 1 PM ... Place = UCSF Parnassus Campus, 513 Parnassus Avenue, San Francisco

Purpose: Demonstration, leafleting, and street theater. Caren Conine, Investigative Canine, a recently conceived character, will be in attendance. Among other unresolved questions and concerns about UCSF's exploitation of animals, she will be trying to discover what happened to dozens of German shepherds (some just puppies) and several mixed-breed dogs exploited for the purposes of UCSF Research Project #A1644-00961 regarding heart disease. Though the project expired in late 2004, UCSF (to this date) has not released records detailing what happened to the dogs involved in the project. Requests for information about what happened to the dogs have been submitted to the United States Department of Agriculture, as well as UCSF; neither has responded to this date.

WHAT PEOPLE CAN DO TO HELP: We need help making signs. Following are a few ideas for signs.




By the way, I have several enlarged photos (11" x 17") of dogs (one of monkey holding dog) that you can use to make signs with.

Vigil for Animals



IDA and Rocky Mountain Animal Defense will hold the protest at 6:30 p.m. on April 28, 2006 at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center at 8th and Colorado in Denver. This is where the CU 34 monkeys are being held captive 


District of Columbia


Maitland, FL

Animal Rights Foundation of Florida in central Florida will protest against the March of Dimes and hand out info

We will be at 641 S Maitland Avenue - Lake Lilly Park Near 17-92 and Maitland Ave. in Maitland April 29th 7:00 AM

Animal Rights Foundation of Florida 



Primate Freedom Project
April 23, --- March of Dimes Protest. Location and time TBA
April 29, ----World Week for Animals in Laboratories TBA 



Learn Hope 

Aloha, Learn Hope is currently planning events to help promote awareness and educate the public on important animal and environmental issues. We would like to table and hand out info about World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week, we may try to organize an event, time permitting...thanks!




Students for Animal Defense





MARC will be doing two weekends of events for Lab Animals in Boston on the 22nd and 29th of April

Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition


Boston Animal Defense League
PO Box 101
Allston, MA 02134


Ann Arbor



St. Louis

WLALW demonstration, St. Louis

When: April 25, 2006

Time: 7-11 pm

Where: Webster University – Sunnen Lounge, 470 E. Lockwood Ave.

Contact: Webster University Animal Rights Network

Notes: We are having an animal rights outreach event and we are having a speaker, Brenda Shoss, from Kinship Circle, to give a speech related to animals in Labs week

WLALW demonstration, St. Louis

When: April 29, 2006

Time: 1:00 p.m.

Where: West side of Kings highway, directly across from Barnes Jewish hospital plaza, Washington University Medical School

Contact: St. Louis Animal Rights Team

Notes: We will have signs and literature to distribute. Just show up and bring a friend. Parking may be difficult so be sure to allow some extra time to find a sport or carpool.



WLALW demonstration, Omaha


Where: 42nd & Dewey

Comments: Will be picketing and leafleting throughout week.

New York


New York

Win Animal Rights/W.A.R.

NYC animal rights activists and other concerned compassionate individuals will come together in late April to continue our on-going struggle to stop the killing at Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) and other notorious animal testing facilities. Our week of action coincides with the global "World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week". Win Animal Rights (WAR) will conduct a full week of action, which will include a variety of events, geared toward educating and influencing both the businesses that conduct and contract for animal testing and the public which unwittingly supports the continued use of animals for product testing and research.

During this week of action, we will continue the work that we have been doing for the past two years on the streets of New York City, to bring pressure to bear on companies and individuals that contribute to HLS' bottom line.....their customers.....their suppliers.....their investors......their market makers. Events will occur daily and the best way to participate is to watch for future e-mail action alerts and to call the WAR hotline at: 646-267-9934. Meetup times and places will be posted daily. For your convenience, we will also be updating our event calendar on a daily basis.

Mark your calendars now for these special highlighted events:

Date/Time: Friday, April 28, 2006 at 3:30 PM
Location: E. 42nd Street and Third Avenue

Date/Time: Saturday, April 29, 2006 at 3:30 PM
Location: E. 42nd Street and Third Avenue

Date/Time: Saturday, April 29, 2006 at 7:30 PM

Special Guests & Location: To be announced


Animal Rights Advocates of Upstate New York 


Thursday, 4/27/06


Animals in Lab at UR-Strong Memorial Hospital (SMH)

- 601 Elmwood Ave, Rochester NY

Holding candles (& posters), join in a SILENT WALK ... down Elmwood (~1 mile), stand together on sidewalk, outside of SMH-Lab. We will read aloud writings and speeches concerning animals trapped and tortured in all labs, including at SMH.


If you wish to write something relevant to this, and/or read something pre-written, please advise.

MEET in parking lot - turn into unpaved driveway DIRECTLY ACROSS FROM: 1409 South Ave (Zwick's Wine/Liquor - adjacent to 1000 Al Sigl Ctr on corner of South Ave & Elmwood, 14620).

Unseen they Suffer,
Unheard they Cry,
In Sadness they Linger,
In Loneliness they Die.



Bristol Meyers protest
April 29th, 1:30 PM

People for Animal Rights

North Carolina

Raleigh - Durham

SERAT (Stop the Exploitation of Research & Animals in the Triangle) will be leafleting regarding our campaign against Michael Platt's invasive primate research. All leaflets and brochures will be provided.

When: Saturday April 29th 11:30am-1pm (raindate is Sunday April 30th)

Where: 802 Ninth St. Durham, NC 27707



Protect Our Earths' Treasures 



Demonstration/ visibility event, Beaverton
When: Tue., April 26, 4 p.m.-6 p.m.
Where: Oregon National Primate Research Center, 505 NW 185th, Beaverton


Connie Durkee
In Defense of Animals 



Our group is called:
FACT-Facing Animal Concerns Together.


WWAIL demonstration/ leafleting

When: April 27, 29

Time: To be determined

Where: Harrisburg area, to be determined

Contact: Barbara Keith, Humane Action for Animals, Website or call 717-939-2701


Protest of March of Dimes & GlaxoSmithKline Philadelphia

When: April 28, 2006

Time: 11:45 a.m.

Where: 26th Street and Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia

Contact: Philadelphia Advocates for Animals




Tabling at Nashville's Earth Day Festival April 22nd
M.A.R.S. - Musicians for Animal Rights Society




Students Against Cruelty to Animals (UT Austin, TX)


It’s time to make a resounding statement to north Texas: animal rights activism is alive and growing, and we won't stop until animal abuse is ended. Please be a “voice for the voiceless” by protesting the March of Dimes’ support of animal research.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are not already a member of the North Texas Animal Rights Network Yahoo e-group, please sign up at It’s by far the most efficient way to communicate. And get your friends to join us!

John J. Pippin, MD, FACC

April 29: The walk begins at Norbuck Park as always, on the Buckner Blvd. access road between Mockingbird Lane and Northwest Highway. From Hwy 75 (Central Expressway), take the Mockingbird Lane exit east for several miles. Pass the Buckner Blvd. exit on the right, and just past the next traffic light turn right onto Peavy Road. There is a parking lot on the right, and plenty of parking on side streets. The start is a short walk down the Buckner Blvd. access road toward Northwest Highway, and we will gather on the grassy slope at the underpass (can’t miss it!).

The walk begins at 9:00 AM. Please arrive by 8:00 AM, so we can begin leafleting as attendees get off the buses before the walk starts. We will definitely have the mobile billboard for the Dallas event.

Please try to stay for the finish of the walk, because often the best time to talk with the walkers is when they have time at the finish.

Here’s the Yahoo map, best viewed at magnification level 2 or 3: 

Contacts: For any questions about either event, contact the event coordinators

We will have signs, leaflets and drinks---we just need YOU to deliver the message!

Fort Worth

It’s time to make a resounding statement to north Texas: animal rights activism is alive and growing, and we won't stop until animal abuse is ended. Please be a “voice for the voiceless” by protesting the March of Dimes’ support of animal research.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are not already a member of the North Texas Animal Rights Network Yahoo e-group, please sign up at It’s by far the most efficient way to communicate. And get your friends to join us!

John J. Pippin, MD, FACC

April 22: The walk begins at Billy Bob’s Texas in Ft. Worth, but we will gather at a great place along the route to meet the walkers. The address is 600 East Northside Dr., and there is parking at that location. From either Hwy 30 or Hwy 121, take Hwy 35W north to the East Northside Dr. exit and turn left (west). Look for a sign that says Akzo Nobel (611 E. Northside Dr. on the right) or Tarrant Regional Water District (600 E. Northside Dr. on the left). Either will take you to parking under the bridge.

The walk begins at 9:00 AM. Please arrive by 8:30 AM. We hope to have the mobile billboard that was such a hit last year.

Here’s the Yahoo map, best viewed at magnification level 3: 

Contacts: For any questions about either event, contact the event coordinators

We will have signs, leaflets and drinks---we just need YOU to deliver the message!



WLALW demonstration, Seattle

When: Friday April 28, 2006

Time: 4-6 p.m.

Where: 3010 Western Ave., University of Washington

This lab is just a few blocks from the Seattle Center. It is run by the University of Washington and houses over 350 primates being used in infectious disease research- in Belltown!


We will have signs to hold and literature to hand out. We want media attention so please come!


Animals used in experimentation in 2004 by the University of Washington: 58 dogs, 6 cats, 56 guinea pigs, 87 hamsters, 840 rabbits, 958 monkeys, 29 sheep, 313 pigs, 2 goats, 10 ferrets, 132 gerbils, 82 bats, 26 chipmunks, 2 gophers, 1,418 field mice, 41 shrews, 61 squirrels, 105 voles, 3 weasels and 145 sea lions.

Animals used for breeding in 2004 by the University of Washington: 150 bats, 1 dog, 20 hamsters, 10 rabbits, 202 monkeys, 2 pigs and 12 gerbils. This list does not include mice or rats.



4,500 monkeys suffering in Madison.

A public lecture and open discussion about the use of primates in Madison.

Tuesday, April 25

7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Warner Park Community Center (1625 Northport Drive, Madison)

Sponsored by Alliance for Animals™ Primate Freedom Project

Questions? Call 257-6333.

Directions? Click here.


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