World Laboratory Animal
Liberation Week
World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week is the week that surrounds April 24th every year - It's a national week of protests, media events, etc. at laboratories to stop testing and research on animals

How You Can Help

1.  Learn the Truth


Educate yourself first, because if you donít know the facts about animal experimentation, you cannot educate or influence anyone else.  Use the information in the Articles section and the Fact Sheets section of this website as a start. 

Then utilize other sources (i.e. other organizations such as the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: and Americans for Medical Advancement: ). These organizations have additional information about animal experiments. 

Use our Resources page to investigate laboratories in your area.


2.  Plan a World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week event in your area 

On-Line Sign-Up Form
Our goal is to raise public awareness of the horrors of animal experimentation.  The public must learn about the toll in terms of animal suffering, wasted tax dollars, and the danger to human health. 

Together we can make all of this happen, but to change our nation, we must make a first step.

Check our Facilities List for laboratories which we have already investigated.  We will be happy to send you all information in our possession to support your efforts during World Week.

Please remember that the size of your event is not what determines its effectiveness.  News conferences done by one person have achieved significant media attention, while protests with hundreds received barely a mention in the media.  Successful events are measured in effectiveness, not in crowd size.

Plan an event which will be the beginning of a long-term campaign.  Remember that for many people there every week is World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week.  It is vital that our campaigns to oppose animal experimentation continue after WLALW ends.  Animals suffer in laboratories 365 days a year; they never have a day off.  We must not stop our efforts to obtain their freedom until the last cage is empty.

3.  Support World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week financially

Working with local activists to support protests, news conferences, and tabling is costly.  SAEN provides all support to local groups and activists free of charge.  Our communication costs, travel costs (to work directly with local groups), and materials costs are covered by donations from people like you. 

Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.  Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.  Please send all donations to:

Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
PMB 280 1081-B State Route 28
Milford, Ohio 45150

Your support is sincerely appreciated.

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