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Media Coverage - 2004

Report: Mt. Ida labs rank among dirtiest in nation

Byline: By Sarah Andrews
Newton TAB
1 May 2004

A report compiled by an animal rights watchdog group cited animal labs at Mount Ida College among the dirtiest in the country.

The report, put together by Cincinnati-based Stop Animal Exploitation Now!, found Mount Ida's labs to be the 11th dirtiest lab in the country. Three other Massachusetts research labs at Charles Rivers Laboratories, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and Harvard also placed among the top 25 dirtiest animal research labs.

The author of SAEN's report, Michael Budkie, who put the report together using inspection reports from the United States Department of Agriculture from 2000 to 2003, said Mount Ida sticks out because it is one of the smaller labs with only 40 or so animals, but had a high number of violations with 25.

"The fact that they would come up eleventh nationally with less than 100 animals on hand, that's pretty problematic and that's putting it mildly. I find it shameful that with 40 animals they came up with 25 violations in 3 years. It's approaching one per animal," he said.

Officials in Mount Ida's animal lab did not return messages left by the TAB.

Most of the violations at Mount Ida occurred in the categories of miscellaneous and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. Budkie said miscellaneous violations could range from sanitation to the way animals were housed. IACUC violations occurred at most labs.

The IACUC is the body charged with enforcing the Animal Welfare Act by inspections and reviews on a daily basis in all research labs.

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