World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week

World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week is the week that surrounds April 24th every year - It's a national week of protests, media events, etc. at laboratories to stop testing and research on animals

Media Coverage - 2002

From WUFT-FM radio Gainesville, FL 4/24/02


UF Scientist Says Research Isn't Redundant

A University of Florida doctor says his research is necessary even though an animal rights activist calls it redundant. An organization called Stop Animal Exploitation Now accuses UF of wasting over $60 million dollars in National Institutes of Health grants. SAEN Director Michael Budkie says the money goes toward un-necessary animal testing. He contends, in all, NIH-funded animal research wastes $1 million an hour.

UF Researcher Marc Branch is one target of Budkie's complaint. Branch is currently testing the psychological effects of drug abuse. He says Budkie's accusations are wrong. He says animal testing is necessary for his research. Branch says most research also has to be repeated to get accurate results.

Branch adds researchers obviously can't test new drugs and procedures on humans. He says animal testing is the best alternative.

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