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The Animal Experimentation Scandal:
An Audit of the National Institutes of Health Funding of Animal Experimentation
Listing the top Laboratories in Order of NIH Funding Received During 2002
By: Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., Executive Director,
Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!

Audit Findings: National Trends

In general the trend appears to be towards an increase in animal experimentation. The total of all of the National Institutes of Health-funded projects involving the listed animals (macaca, saimiri, rat, mouse, dog, cat, guinea pig, hamster& rabbit,) for fiscal 2002 is 33,014. The total for 2001 was 29,699. This is an annual increase of 11%. Grants funded using seven of the nine measured species increased significantly. The remaining two species (hamsters and squirrel monkeys) had only minor changes (See Appendix A for national species by species totals for 2002, 2001, 1998, & 1993 providing the basis for one-year, five-year, and ten-year comparisons).

The total for 1998 (a five-year span) is 26,408. The increase from 1998 to 2002 is 6,606 new grants, or an increase of 25%. The 1993 total is 20,675. Using this number we now have a ten-year span to examine. This shows an increase of 12,399 projects or 59.7% for a ten-year period. This trend does not overtly examine dollars spent or animals used. It examines only the actual number of grants awarded by the NIH. However, a ten-year increase of approximately 60% is very high.

Using this data it is possible to develop a very general approximation of how much the NIH spends on animal experiments every year. The NIH publishes average dollar amounts per grant. For the year 2002, the average grant was $309,225. For the sake of dealing in more round numbers, and to keep the estimates in this report conservative this will be rounded down to $300,000. This approach generates an estimated 2002 NIH animal experimentation funding total of $9,904,200,000, or approximately $10 Billion.

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