Rooterville, A Sanctuary Inc.

Formerly Wings of Mercy Animal Rescue
Spreading Compassion through:
Rescue, Education, Activism
A 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

About Us


People like yourself could:

Donate: Let’s face it, more money equals more lives saved! It takes money to help animals in need. If you could help by: Sponsoring a pig at a sanctuary; Donating to help rescue a pig from a terrible situation; Be a Foster home for a pig waiting his turn for a new home. See: How You Can Help

Volunteer: If you can help write grants; Create a PR campaign; Event planning; Consulting; Web design, Artwork etc, Or do the hands on activities like: helping with rescues, building fences/shelters at the sanctuary, scoop poop, etc! (plan on getting dirty!) Veterinarians who are willing to help with the medical needs of PBPs are always needed, too!

Whatever your gift, whatever your talent, PLEASE use it to the best of your ability to help the animals!

Look into their eyes…. they need us desperately, we’re all they have!


To contact Rooterville, click on the mailbox.

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