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from "BABE"

Hamlet and Cupig

Hamlet (right) and Cupig (left): I will never forget these guys, they were my very first rescues! When I moved back into town and inquired at the local "Humane Society" about their procedures with Pot Bellied Pigs, there was a little pig in a pen in the back of the building. The director informed me that he had already been "placed", was I ever shocked to learn that she had "placed" him with two guys who were cutting down some trees on the property, and I KNEW that they weren’t interested in giving him a home! I patiently waited and asked what they were going to do with the pig, upon looking at him and deeming him "too small", they let me have him! As I waited, another pig came in who had tried to bite his owner. Was he ever a cutie! Neither pig had been neutered and because he was not neutered, his owner had mistaken his sexual behavior for aggression. This bigger pig, now Hamlet, was a sweetie who wouldn’t hurt anyone. Off they went to foster homes and I had them both neutered. Unfortunately, the little pig died after neutering and the foster home had another one about the same size that also needed a home. A dear friend and rescuer in Maryland (make sure you visit her website!), Gina, offered to give these 2 pigs a home so funds were raised to fly them to their new home in Maryland. (To see an enlargement of the Hamlet and Cupig photos above, click on the photos or links.  Hamlet is also in the photo below-left.)

Sadly, while I was at the foster home helping take care of the many animals there and preparing to send these 2 babies on their way, my little pig, Sunshine, who was a tremendous ambassador for the pigs became gravely sick and died. It was such a tragedy for me at a time which should have been only joyous and another reason while I will never forget the joy and the heartbreak of this, my first rescue.  (Photo-below left - Sunshine's last picture.  To enlarge click on the photo of link.)

Finding out my town’s shelter’s "adoption" policy for pigs really upset me and I became a crusader for them in my town. Not long after, thank God, the director was replaced by another who really cared about the animals and who was happy to let me place all the pigs that came into the shelter. With the shelter’s help in supplying a vehicle and trailer, we rescued many piggies.


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