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"Pigs need love too!"  ~
from "BABE"


Jo-Jo was purchased at a fair by a lady who knew nothing about pigs, not that we find this surprising. The poor little guy had not been neutered and had a terrible infestation of mites. His skin looked just awful and he was so itchy! His mom did not have a fenced yard and Jo Jo wandered the neighborhood. She was afraid a dog would get him. She called the animal shelter to turn him in and they contacted me. I went right away to pick him up. His mom was very sad to see him go. She loved him but was unable to care for him properly and she knew it. But, she did the right thing. First stop for Jo ĖJo was the vetís to be neutered and get a shot for his skin. A couple of more shots and his skin would clear up. He is such a pretty pig, with so much white on him.  Heís called a "fancy pinto".

It didnít take long for this little guy to steal someoneís heart and again, we started the adoption process. This time, his new home was closer than Califonia or Arizona!  His new family lived about 2 hours from my house and they couldnít stand the wait til they could get there and meet Jo Jo in person.  What a sweet and snuggly little guy he was! I knew I would miss this one! He is happy in his new home and has a pig brother named Porkey.  He can be found curled up in his new dadís favorite chair or lounging on the couch.  He is a lucky boy.  He probably would have been a dog toy or hit by a car if we hadnít been called in to help.  Now he is safe and part of a loving family that takes very good care of him and I have even been able to visit him a couple of times as his new mom has become a good friend!

UPDATE: Jo Jo sadly passed away in May, í03 of inoperable lymphoma. His mom tried all that she could to save him and his experience is one reason why it is so important to educate vets about PBPs. He had been repeatedly misdiagnosed causing both him and his family immeasurable suffering. Finally, at the University of FL, where he was humanely euthanized, we learned what had actually caused Jo Joís suffering.

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