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"Pigs need love too!"  ~
from "BABE"


Stevie’s story is a sad one, which unfortunately, is too often repeated.  Abandoned at an animal control facility with his 3 other herd members, Stevie and his friends languished for several months in "prison" surrounded by barking dogs. These pigs were too large and obese to be adopted, after all, people want cute, little animals. These 4 pigs were hopeless.  (To enlarge this photo of Stevie, click on the photo or link.)

Fortunately, the director of the local Humane Society has a soft spot for the pigs and she worked to try and find them a home before they would be destroyed. A rescuer, Penny, offered to take 2 of them and the other 2 were placed as well. So, Stevie and Mary found themselves in a new home, where they were safe. But there was a problem, Stevie refused to come up to the fence to eat. Instead, he lay most of the time in a pile of hay in the middle of the pasture, even in the rain. All he did was lay there. After a couple of months, Penny became worried that he was going to starve to death as well meaning people told her not to take food out to him. That is when she called me. It took me a couple of weeks to arrange to get over there to see what Stevie’s problem was, but I knew immediately when I got there what was wrong…..

Poor Stevie was "fat blind" and nearly deaf. This is common among pigs that are allowed to become obese. The fat stretches their skin and forms folds which fall down over the eyes, blocking their vision. Poor Stevie had no idea that food or water were even being offered! He lay there in the only safe place he could find, away from the steer that shared the pasture and the other strange pigs that he couldn’t see. He was skin and bones. I nearly cried. . (To enlarge this photo of Stevie, click on the photo or link.)

Stevie is not a pretty pig! BUT, what he lacks in appearance, he makes up for in personality! His ears have been torn from fighting and look funny. He is large, but very gentle and soft spoken. He loves to lay in the sun and no one enjoys a belly rub more than Stevie! He gets along well with everything and everyone and is very gentle with children. He is an outside pig. No one knows his age, but he is probably 9-10 years old and would be happy in a farm setting where he had his own space. Being blind, he doesn’t wander much and needs to be safe from animals that could hurt him.

UPDATE: Stevie is probably nearing the end of his life. He has been with us for nearly 10 years now, we think he is nearly 20 years old. He recently had to have a molar, a tooth and a tusk removed because they were infected. He is a real trooper. He’s as gentle as a kitten, still. He never has a bad day or meets anyone who he doesn’t like. Because of his age and toothless bite, he enjoys a lot of special treats, donuts are his favorite!

Stevie will live his life out here with us, but if you would like to sponsor him, please contact Elaine at [email protected]

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