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Yoda: Yoda is one lucky pig! Her people called the shelter to come and get her because they could no longer take care of her. They couldnít have picked a more perfect time to call as we were at the shelter with 2 folks from the state dept of agriculture who were drawing the blood samples from the 20 pigs (including my 5) at the shelter awaiting transport to sanctuaries in Tennessee, Georgia and Kentucky. Fortunately for us, the folks from the state agreed to come along to collect her so that they could go ahead and draw her blood too so that she could make the trip with the rest of the pigs. So, off we went with an animal control officer and the folks from the state following behind. Fortunately, we had decided to take the trailer in case the pig was too big to lift.

We couldnít believe what we found when we arrived. As we stood at the door of the very nicely landscaped mobile home, a kitten with one eye popped out of its socket came up to greet us. How sad! I couldnít believe what I was seeing! The poor thing! We were appauled. A young woman answered the door with a small child. She didnít seem bothered by the poor kittenís condition and when pressed as to what happened to it, she said that her momís boyfriend must have hit or kicked it. Her mom had just had surgery and been ill and he had gotten angry and left her. She could not care for the animals and so she wanted to dump the pig. We collected the kitten and went to find the pig. Expecting to find it in a pen, we wandered around the yard, which was bordered by a swamp where cut down trees had been thrown. When we couldnít find the pig, the woman came back out to show us where she was---IN THE SWAMP! Unbelievable! The poor pig was living in a wet, nasty swamp! Her "food" was in a garbage can and totally molded. We had to search the swamp to find her resting on one of the many mounds in the sun. She was HUGE! Very obese and likely, fat blind.

We had to cut the fence to get into the pen and positioned the trailer and some portable fencing the state folks had to create a chute, so that HOPEFULLY, the pig would run into the trailer. It was only about 100 degrees that day and the swamp was full of mosquitos. Fortunately, we did not encounter any poisonous snakes! I felt like the Crocodile Hunter as I climbed through the trees and muck trying to coral this pig. Amazingly, for such a fat pig, she was very fast! She was blind but she sure knew her way around that swamp. We worked for nearly an hour trying to get her into the corner of the pen where our trap had been set. We were ready to give up when we decided to give it one more try. Thank heavens, we did and it finally worked! We all got together and hoisted that fat pig into the trailer! It was like an episode of the Three Stooges, I am sure!

Poor Yoda, after she was loaded up, she had to be restrained to have her blood drawn. I canít imagine how frightened she must have been having lived her entire lonely life in that swamp, blind and never interacting with people or even other pigs. She was so afraid. When she joined the group of pigs at the shelter, she was too frightened to interact with them and cowered in the corner of the pen, alone. Often, she would be too afraid to even eat. As soon as I posted the pictures of her with her story, my friend, Penny, called me up and said that she HAD to have her, she loved her! I couldnít believe it! Yoda was going to live with Penny!

When we finally were ready to make the trip, we loaded up and the first stop was to deliver Yoda to Penny. Amazingly, she walked right down the ramp and made herself at home in the pasture where she had plenty of room to avoid the other pigs.

Now, I hardly recognize her! She has lost so much weight and has bonded with one of the other pigs. Fortunately, she can even see now that she has lost weight and she gets around and enjoys plenty of healthy exercise. She even comes to the fence to beg! What a happy ending for this sad piggy who didnít even have a shelter or a friend for most of her life.

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