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Core Group Biographies

Harold Brown
Co-Founder World Orchard Project

Harold Brown is Campaign Coordinator for Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY. He is also on an ongoing national speaking tour advocating for farm animals, family farmers and the environment. In the past he was a board member with the Northern Ohio Wellness Connection and their tree planting project that is modeled after the work of David Kidd. To date NOWC has planted and given away over a million trees in Northwest Ohio.

Jerry Cook
Co-Founder World Orchard Project

Co-Founder of
Founder/Overseer of The Universal One Ministry
Certified Hypnotherapist
Founder/Overseer of Ray of Light Ministry
National Spokesperson for The Red Wolf Coalition
Nutritional Lecturer/Advisor
Candidate for Doctor of Naturopathy
Environmental Lecturer/Proactivist
Former Board Director of EarthSave International
Co-Founder/Board Director of Center of One Heart
Co-Producer of WorldFest LA
Muscian and Story Teller
World's Ambassador of Fun
Board Director of Ann Wigmore Foundation
Spokesperson for PCRM's Heart Healthy Program

Tom Frazier
Co-Founder of World Orchard Project

Tom Frazier is a living foods chef and lifestyle improvement educator currently developing a living foods commercial production facility and community kitchen featuring enzymatically intact foods in Bainbridge, Ohio. Tom teaches Living Foods Cuisine and natural lifestyle improvement privately through his Radiant Life Mission. Tom's health and diet studies have evolved to following the research into environmental concerns related to how we acquire the foods we eat, prepare those foods, benefit from the health of those foods and positively impact the planet through these choices. He has been involved with a variety of organizations, in addition to being a founding member of The World Orchard Project. His involvement includes the North American Vegetarian Society, Entrepreneurs for Sustainability [E4S - Cleveland, Ohio], is a founding member of The South Bay Living Foods Community in Silicon Valley, California, and a former board member of the YMCA in Galveston County, Texas.

Sharon Jacks
Co-Founder of World Orchard Project

Sharon Jacks is a long time activist and aspiring vegan cooking teacher. She is a state registered Interior Designer, specializing in design for the elderly, and resides in Murfreesboro, Tennessee where she enjoys long hikes by the rivers with her two sons and husband, Eric. Her passions are reading, cooking, gardening, and playing around with funky craft projects.

Abbie Pettit
Co-Founder and Programs Director of World Orchard Project.

Abbie Pettit is a psychologist, entreprenueur, writer, activist, and mom. She is currently authoring the book "Children of the Future" and un-schoooling her 3 children in Illinois, where she resides with her husband Justin. Abbie loves music, art, swimming, laughing, yoga, and fresh fruit.


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