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From Sharon to the Peace Abbey - 28 May 2007

Dear Dot,

It was great talking to you last week. I’m definitely planning to attend the BVS picnic, and am so excited that Will and Madeleine will be honored; they are such amazing people, sacrificing so much to spread the “gospel” of peace, compassion, and love. It’s heartwarming to see them receive the recognition they deserve!

I believe that, when we last visited, I mentioned to you about the World Orchard Project, of which I am a co-founder. My dear friend Jerry (who visited with me last time) is also a founding member. Our mission is to encourage the planting of fruit bearing trees and bushes—especially in public areas. Our hope is to restore a spirit of “the commons”, with children, elders, and others coming together to accomplish a common mission. When you have a moment, please visit our website at to read more about our group, philosophies, and activities.

On the website, you will notice (under “Advisory Group Biographies”) that Will (as well as friends of the Abbey, Matt Kelly and Howard Lyman) is on our Board. As several of us from the World Orchard Project are planning to attend on July 15, we would like to commemorate Will, as well as the Abbey, by planting a fruit tree or bush on Abbey property. Of course, we would not want to interfere with the BVS schedule, or Will’s presentation. We are just hoping for a few moments at the end of the afternoon for a ceremonial planting and dedication.

Please talk this over with Lewis and let me know if you approve.


Your friend Sharon Jacks

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