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From James Kennedy - 12 Jan 2005

Thank you so very much for all the wonderful information. You have given hope and joy to so many people who have lost their beloved pets. I shall forward your sight to many of my friends.

Friday, my little dog, Spider, died of cancer in his throat. He suffered so. It just about broke my heart. I am a Christain and I desperately wanted to be with him again. I told him he would be with my mother, grandma, in heaven and it was wonderful to find your site and know that he will be.

I have nine other dogs and a cat I have rescued and love them all. My heart breaks to see other animals mistreated. I feel better after reading what you have to say. Pray for me that I may be all I should be. I look forward to his wonderful return. God bless you.


Reply from Bernie

Dear Mr. Kennedy.

It is so nice to receive your thank-you e-mail.

My book which took me twenty years to write (of course I was working to look after my family and dogs) has now been published by Biblio books in Israel. I was very very pleased with the result except for one graphic which I want in colour, it is a photo that I took of the Wailing wall in 1968 and shows the fire of God climbing up the wall - It is the nonconsuming fire called Labbah and is not in the internet version - it is the same fire that Moses saw. Only the camera could see it and I did not even know it was there until I got back to Australia and had it processed.

If you would like I will let you know when the second edition comes out as Jimmy Goldfarb the Edition reckons about two weeks - It will not be expensive as I did not write the book for profit but to help people: The book is far better than the internet version as I have rewritten/revised it many times and in the internet version Frank and I had all sorts of problems as windows had not caught up with Hebrew and Greek so I had to send it in graphics, and even then it was difficult - however now with the latest software I can just write it to Jimmy Goldfarb in an appendix - makes it so easy - being a Jew He had a little bit of trouble at first with the Greek but we soon fixed it.

In Jesus' name and love to you and Spider and never fear when our Lord returns soon Spider's Spirit will be there getting His new eternal body to be reunited with you never to suffer or die again.


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