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From Marilyn Mourdock - 21 Jan 2005

Dear Bernie,

It was wonderful to learn about your website through an article published in our local newspaper. I have loved animals all my life and have rescued many over the years. Currently I have seven cats. One of them has cancer that could be terminal. I am trying very hard, with God's help, to put her on a rigorous regimen of pure foods, water, and supplements to get her immune system in good shape to fight this disease. There are a lot of new treatments out there, and I would suggest to anyone that they check with a natural foods store for some exciting remedies available. Traditional veterinary practices often don't go to the root of the cause of poor health, and that is usually poor nutrition.

I would love to receive a copy of your book so that I can comfort myself and others when we face the loss of our best furry friends. I have always believed that the Creator God who made them in the first place loves them even more than I ever could and would not abandon them in death. I look forward to the day when I can thank Jesus face-to-face for the wonderful creatures He's entrusted to me over the years.


Marilyn Mourdock

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