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From Tressa Mann - 28 November 2007

Thank you so much for your All Creatures Do Go To Heaven website. I appreciate all the research you put into it and it was just what I needed when I needed it.

My 'girl' is a 12 1/2 year old Australian cattle dog. She has been fairly healthy up to this point, but she has developed what appears to be some progressive neurological problem that was really gradual at first and now, in the past couple of weeks, has quickly progressed to the point where she is having a very difficult time getting up and has often falls when walking (she is losing feeling in her back legs).

We will continue to do all we can for her and will be putting her in a wheelchair soon, but I am preparing myself for the eventual outcome. Right now she is just having difficulty without any real pain, however, in the event that unmanageable pain takes over we will be making that enormously difficulty decision which to me would be compounded by not knowing what would happen to her in death. Thus, I have begun to question... I mean I have been a Christian all my life, and as a child I never really pondered these big issues but facing it now, as an adult, I needed assurance that she would be there in Heaven when I get there.

I couldn't imagine that God would give her to me and she would live a full life for so many years just to 'cease to exist' when she dies. I was seeking some biblical foundation for this & I found that from your site.

This is why I needed it when I needed it - I needed the peace of knowing she will be with God...and why I appreciate you so very much for your work and thoughts.

May God Bless You Abundantly!
Tressa Mann

Reply from Bernie

Dear Tressa.

Firstly! Go back again to http://www.all-creatures.org/ach/book-1.html and check out chapter 1, page 1. There are two photos, one of me and my dog, and Coral my darling wife of over forty years and her dog. My dog was way over 12 when  I sent him on a holiday about six months ago, and Coral's dog was almost twelve when she (Zarra) also went on a brief holiday six months before that - that is all that it is - a brief holiday for them - I say brief because our Lord is returning soon and bringing all the resurrected pets and other creatures with Him in their new eternal bodies never to die or feel pain again.

I prove all of this without fear of contradiction from  the original Hebrew and Greek.   In my 82 years of life I have loved and lost many Pets and other creatures, that is why I spent twenty years writing my book (had to learn the languages, had to work to look after my household etc.) - But I now feel no sorrow whatsoever - of course I missed having to climb over the big mutt when He used to lie right across the hall (He weighed over 100  kilos) but it won't be long now. Mainstream Christianity hate my book and  me - but can't prove me wrong as much as they have tried. 

Don't leave your beloved "Girl" to suffer - send her home to Heaven to await her new eternal body. Get another "Girl" from a lost dog's home, (Coral and I got a beautiful Golden Retriever from the RSPCA. Now that I  have recovered from two total hip replacements we are going to get another dog for company for Holly; think of the fun they will have on our  Heavenly estates laughing about their sojourns down here with us.

Send me your address so that I can send you a copy of my book - it's so much easier to read and ponder over and lend out in print.

In Jesus' name:


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