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Readers Comments

From Ellie [email protected] 4 January 2002:

Dear Bernie,

Happy New Year!

Thanks for the emails to read the next chapters.

Your exegesis is very illuminating especially regarding Satan's conversion and animals in heaven.

Please tell me which biblical versions you use (apart from the Holy Spirit!) to glean the original text.

I have found that our modern versions, commentaries and even The Interlinear Greek English New Testament from Westcott and Hort onwards to be misleading.  I would like to have access to the Textus Recepticus Hebrew and the Greek based on this and forming the New Testament.

Many Regards to you,

Response from Bernie 5 Jan 2001:

Dear Ellie:
Back in early 1967 I went to see my Dad who was dying. (He was way over 80), He said "son" We'll not meet again down here, but here is my concordance.  Take it and when you are ready - use it.
A short time later I left for the U.S.A. with my wife (sent by my Company). Dad died while we were there.
His mantle fell on me like Elijah's did on Elisha.
Over the ensuing years I have written the book - so far.
I have found the concordance which my Dad gave me to be absolutely invaluable in understanding the transliterations of the Hebrew and Greek text to write and prove the revelations from the original scriptures for my God's glory.
I have over twenty translations of the Holy Bible.  Many books of reference - but always have to go back to my Dad's concordance to check out if they are correct - as you say many times they are not.
The concordance is "Dr. Robert Young's ANALYTICAL CONCORDANCE TO THE HOLY BIBLE" and the Gold Crown which He will receive will be very very large.
Then of course!  Who else but a JEW and not only that but a Jewish SCHOLAR - FRANK could my Lord have chosen to publish my book?  And not only that but His wife MARY T. who is not only a Greek but also a Greek Scholar?  I ask you?

I have to decipher the Hebrew and Greek text fonts through a heavy magnifying glass and some of them are not only blurred but different from the original.  Frank and Mary come to the rescue advising if I have transliterated a Teht as a Mem or a Qamets as a Pattach.

 My Lord planned this for these last days.
After publishing part three, Frank said He was interested in my thoughts about WHEN? the pigs went to Heaven and what happened to the demons?
Next cab off the rank - WHEN?
In Jesus' name:

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