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Contact Westchester Airport re USDA contract

From: Kiley Blackman
April 9, 2014

We have just learned that Westchester Airport signed a three-year contract with the USDA; there was no advance notification to the community. They claim the USDA uses 'harassment' methods and trapping and relocating, in addition to slaughter, and that they're 'very happy' with them; guess the recent bird strike was fine with them too. We can almost guarantee this contract costs the county a minimum of appx. $50,000. All airports need to adapt technology and not use slaughter; we didn't know about this and as taxpayers we have a right to be heard on how our money is spent; **More on this shortly**.

Please make the following contacts and politely but firmly ask them to cancel the USDA contract in favor of humane, non-lethal methods exclusively. A copy of the letter we sent out is below the contacts:

Stephen T. Ferguson
Assistant Airport Manager
phone (914) 995-4855
[email protected]

Airport Advisory Board
[email protected]

County Executive Rob Astorino
[email protected]

Also send letters for publication on this issue to the Journal News and Westchester Rising:
[email protected], 250 wds or less
[email protected] Westchester Rising will publish longer letters, appx 900 wds or less

Stephen T. Ferguson
Assist. Airport Mgr.
Westchester Airport

Dear Mr. Ferguson:

Per our phone conversation today I'm forwarding info about adapting airports with technology, including statistics and pertinent information. These are respected sources that encourage the FAA to make needed improvements and proving that slaughter is ineffective against bird strikes. Locally, we convinced towns all over Westchester to avoid slaughtering wildlife; the hope is that the Westchester Airport will only use humane, non-lethal deterrents which are based on facts and technology. BTW, am wondering why you claim you're 'happy' with the USDA, since you just had another bird strike there; there are methods, such as the Geesebusters people you spoke with, which are cheaper than the USDA and guarantee their work as well.

Thank you in advance for your time and attention, please feel free to contact me at any time. Reference sources are below.

Animal Defenders of Westchester

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