Calls Needed: Legislator Cunzio Deletes Critical Comments re Circus
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Calls Needed: Legislator Cunzio Deletes Critical Comments re Circus

From: Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW)
September 8, 2017 

We have learned that, rather than addressing them, legislator Margaret Cunzio is incredibly deleting and blocking facebook comments about her lack of creation of a circus bill - despite her repeated promises to the contrary for over two years.

Cunzio is running for re-election - and her legislator page proclaims she is an 'animal advocate.' She is not - she's a typical hack politician, using animals to get votes.

Please call Ms. Cunzio and leave polite comments, also on her facebook page - stifling free speech and criticism is NOT the way to legislate - in addition to making baseless promises just to get votes.

Sample phone message:

"Hi, I'm calling to ask Mrs. Cunzio to write legislation banning circuses in Westchester. I'm concerned because, now that NYC has banned them, every awful, cruel circus will be headed here. Her action on this legislation will affect whether she gets my vote in the upcoming election" (For non-residents: "...will affect my support of her to my friends and relatives in Westchester County.")

Phone: (914) 995-2847 (leave messages 24/7)

On Facebook:  (Photo from the 'Royal' Hanneford circus that comes here yearly; many others as well)

Thank you so much for your continued assistance on this - it is nothing less than shameful that these legislators are so bad on ALL animal issues
**Animal Defenders of Westchester**

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