Acme Supermarkets feature bound lobsters on ice - Please Contact
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Acme Supermarkets feature bound lobsters on ice - Please Contact

From: Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW)
June 3, 2019 

Acme Supermarkets have abandoned live lobster tanks in favor of binding live lobsters from head to tail and keeping them on display on ice.
When questioned, the manager at one Acme in Westchester stated there was 'no room' for the tanks - which is nonsense, as the tank uses the same amount of space. This is merely a way for Acme to provide even less care for live lobsters, while maintaining profit.  
~~ Unacceptable:  Acme's current lobster display is a literal how-to demonstration for animal cruelty: In addition to their claws being tied - which is cruel enough (the manager also tells the public this is so they won't pinch 'each other,' but the fact is its done to protect people) - they are hideously bound and tied up from head to toe in mesh like tennis balls. They are not, and such callous display of them contributes to the idea of animals as property like blocks of wood. And although lobsters 'can' live out of water for a few days, their gills must be kept moist or they collapse, not an ideal situation to put them in; there is absolutely no reason to remove every shred of dignity and comfort for them in our enlightened society. 
~~ Switzerland has outright banned the boiling of live lobsters. It is bad enough that we are overfishing the oceans to dire predictions, and that humane consideration has been totally denied to fish and crustaceans; stores must at minimum not provide a 'how to' cruelty display to the public.
YOUR VOICE COUNTS! Our community changes hearts and minds. Please politely ask Acme to return to their more humane treatment of lobsters.
If you see this in your local store, also please politely speak with the manager: The concept of treating lobsters humanely is nothing new, the public has known about it for decades, and with bullying in schools and cruel acts at an all time high, businesses should be encouraging kindness and respect for all beings.

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Public Affairs Manager Dana Ward
[email protected]
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