Tell New York State Legislators to Support/Endorse the New York State Puppy Mill Pipeline Bill
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Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW) ~ Tell New York State Legislators to Support/Endorse the New York State Puppy Mill Pipeline Bill

Tell New York State Legislators to Support/Endorse the New York State Puppy Mill Pipeline Bill

From: Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW)
February 2, 2022 

PER SENATOR GIANARIS' OFFICE: There has been no movement thus far for the NYS Puppy Mill Pipeline bill (A4283/S11230).  The bill finished in the Rules committee, so the Assembly rules will require it to return to Codes. It has to be voted on again by the Senate, which did pass it last year. 

Please continue politely but strongly contacting legislators in the NYS Senate and the Assembly (contact info below), asking them to sponsor and support this important bill; also ask Speaker of the NYS Assembly Carl Heastie to help and move this bill onto the floor for a House vote when it comes before him.

Call and email Assembly Speaker Carl E. Heastie:
(518) 455-3791 Albany Office
(718) 654-6539 Bronx District Office
email: [email protected]
Bailing out Benji, a group specifically dedicated to ending puppy mills, has prepared a pre-drafted form you can easily use to to contact your legislators.

From Bailing out Benji:

As you know, the State of New York is home to nearly 100 puppy-selling pet stores and their main source for puppies is midwest puppy mills. According to records we received from the New York Department of Agriculture, New York State imports and resells more than 12,000 puppies annually from those puppy mills, which only burdens our local shelters and rescues. 
With your help, we can stop that! 
The Puppy Mill Pipeline Bill (A 4283 / S 1130) has been re-introduced into the New York State Assembly and it would prevent local puppy-stores from partnering with puppy mills. Today we need you to contact your state legislators and ask them to support this bill! We have created an easy form for you to fill out with a pre-drafted message that you can edit. You can also find your legislations and contact them directly here
We have also posted this on our New York Facebook page, if you would like to share to get more support for this bill. We need every NY pet lover to speak up and show the legislature that this issue is very important to advocates in our state. 
If you are interested in taking more of an active role in our state to help us fight puppy mills, please feel free to contact us here about becoming a volunteer. 
Thank you so much for your time and for your advocacy on this issue! Together we can end puppy mills once and for all! 
Mindi Callison
Executive Director, Founder 

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