County searches for solution to geese problem in Ardsley
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County searches for solution to geese problem in Ardsley

FROM Hudson Valley News
September 14, 2012

ARDSELY - A closed-door meeting between Westchester County officials and animal activists took place yesterday at the County Parks Department in Ardsley to discuss a solution for removing geese from local golf courses.

In July, about 500 geese from the Sprain Lake Golf Course were shipped upstate and killed. The county says their unwanted droppings create a health risk. "The population of the area was exponentially growing year after year, and also they weren't migrating from that location," says Peter Tartaglia, of the Westchester Parks Department.

Animal rights groups say the geese didn't have to die and instead, they could have been forced to migrate. "Border collies are [an] excellent way of dissuading geese, they follow them around until they leave," says Anne Muller, from the League of Humane Voters.

The animal rights group says the fact that the Parks Department was willing to discuss non-lethal methods for the future is a step in the right direction.Geese from WC golf course made into burgers to feed the hungryAnimal activists cry foul following mass geese euthanasiaWC Parks Dept. guts gross geese residue.

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