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We advocate on all animal protection and exploitation issues, including experimentation, factory farming, rodeos, breeders and traveling animal acts.

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Cruelty to Bulls

6 March 2004

NBC, the TV station that promised it has a "commitment to compassion," has begun airing bull-riding events on its sports lineup.

The announcers on these shows state that the bull is "trained" to buck. This is a lie; the previously calm bull "bucks" due to a strap or rough rope that is tightly cinched near his genitals, which causes him pain. This is clearly seen on all bucking bulls - you will not see a bull "buck" without the strap. Before the bull is released from the chute, to make him appear "wild," his tail is viciously raked across the slates and he is shocked with an electric prod.

The public does not see this part; I have. Others have reported seeing the animal urinate and defecate in fear, and look frantically for a way out. If this were done to dogs and cats, there would be an outcry of protest across the land; why is it tolerated for bulls?

Please tell NBC you will not tolerate such cruelty on their airwaves, just so they and some phony "cowboy" can make a buck. The animals cannot speak for themselves. Such antiquated barbarism must go the way of legal slavery and child labor.

Kiley Blackman, spokesperson
Animal Defenders of Westchester

Published in Times-Herald record,

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