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We advocate on all animal protection and exploitation issues, including experimentation, factory farming, rodeos, breeders and traveling animal acts.

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From Mark and Heather about Nella

Dear Kylie,

I wanted to let you know what a wonderful weekend we had with Nella. (To enlarge the photo of Nella, click on the photo or link)

She is an amazing dog who has changed our lives. She has such a loving disposition and is friendly to everyone she meets. Our neighbors have already fallen for her and ask us regularly about her progress. We spent all day Friday hanging around the house and getting to know to her. She was so content just spending time with us and following us every where we went. She made friends very quickly with our neighbors dogs and just seemed like she wanted to play.

On Friday evening we went down to a friend of ours who has a black lab, she has been desperate for a friend, well they hit off immediately and played for hours. She ran and ran and ran and ran. She ran herself into exhaustion and slept through the night with no problems. We bought her a dog bed and positioned it right next to our bed.

On Saturday we had some friends over for a barbecue. One of our friends has two young children who are three years old and ten months old. Nella adored them both and allowed Cal, the three year old to pet her and play with her all evening. He played catch and wrestled with her all evening long and asked if he could bring Nella to his house to meet his dog Iger.

Saturday night went just as well as Friday night with Nella sleeping through the night. It is obvious that she, like her father, enjoys her sleep. We actually had a hard time getting her motivated to start the day on Sunday.

We walked her first thing in the morning and she went right back to bed. She was not ready to start her day, but as soon as we went down the stairs she followed. Sunday was spent at Gedney Park where she is allowed to be unleashed to play with other dogs and boy did she play! We spent six hours at the park and she played with every dog in sight.

A couple dogs did not approve of her playful spirit and high energy but she learned very quickly who her friends were. It was a good learning experience for her and she loved running around. It was interesting how she would always check to see where we were and she never strayed far. When we found a comfortable place to sit in the shade she did her usual snuggle routine and slept on our laps.

Heather said she always wanted a needy, loving dog and we definitely have that with Nella. She loves to show affection and appreciation by giving kisses. She is happy with what ever she is doing as long as she is with us and that's what makes her so special. Nella truly appreciates being loved and is evident in her loyalty and willingness to please.

She has already learned the heal, sit, stay and come commands with not a whole lot of practice. She will be an expert in a few more weeks. Nella is the perfect dog for us in so many ways and we want to thank you for saving her life. Without your love for her we would not have experienced this joy. It continues to amaze me that someone could actually abandoned her and it hurts to think how frightened she must have been particularly knowing how loyal and loving she is.

We are happier than words can describe with Nella and we owe our happiness to you. What you did for her was an incredible act of kindness and Knowing Nella, she will never forget you.

The invitation is always open for you if you ever want to see her. I am sure she would love to see you. We both want to thank you from the bottom of hearts for filling our life with so much joy.

She has lifted our spirits and brightened our days and we look forward to many years with her. Thank you again for all that you have done.


Mark, Heather & Nella


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