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We advocate on all animal protection and exploitation issues, including experimentation, factory farming, rodeos, breeders and traveling animal acts.

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From Matt, a Bowhunter

Hello ADOW.

It was just by chance that I discovered your site.

Specifically, the article on "wildlife corridors", which I think is a great idea, is what led me here. After quickly looking over the site I was pleased to see that ADOW advocates on issues such as animal experimentation, traveling animal acts, cruelty and so on. Those categories are by far the most widespread forms of animal abuse and exploitation, not sport hunting. Ok, the bad news - I am a bowhunter.

Unfortunately I am viewed by many (ADOW) only as that, a hunter. But I am also a fisherman, husband, father, animal and nature lover and this list goes on. In my lifetime I have helped and saved more creatures than I have harvested as a hunter. This began back in the second grade when I ran out of my classroom to the aid of a gull (and to the surprise of my teacher) that was struck by a car after someone threw bread out for the birds. Anyway it is nice to see your efforts concentrated mainly where they are most needed and not just anti- hunting. Those wildlife corridors are needed because of developement.

Too many deer? No, too many people. When I occasionally see a deer here in Yonkers where I live I think "wow that`s great to see such wildlife in the city". Or is it ? If I was a deer ( I am sure you are wishing that I become one in my next life!!!) I would not choose Yonkers for my home. They have no choice.

I guess what I want to say is that it`s great to see an organization doing what yours is and has done in the past.


Reply from Kiley Blackman

Hi Matt,

Sorry for the delay getting back to you; I've been busy - but I also needed time to think about your letter.

I took your letter seriously, and not as a put-on.  As it happens, I know other nice, decent people who hunt; my neighbor does - he has also rescued dogs and cats and is a lovely person.  He says hunting 'relaxes' him; I tell him it doesn't do much for the animals.

But we are friends.

I found your letter almost heartbreaking; you clearly 'get it,' even while you refer to 'harvesting' deer, instead of calling it what it is, which is 'killing.'  We fight against euphemisms for, I think, the obvious reasons.  And I applaud all your efforts to help animals, even as a child, so wonderful; I think the biggest problem I have with your note is that you're a bowhunter.  I know for fact this causes more suffering and lingering pain to the animal than shooting does; all I can make of someone as decent as you present yourself, being a bowhunter the animal must be 'just' a target to you - I can't believe you don't realize the extra suffering you are inflicting.

I appreciate you contacting me, and I wish you and your family a prosperous, wonderful, blessed life.  Thank you for acknowledging my work.  Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Kiley Blackman

Animal Defenders of Westchester
[email protected]  

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