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Inhumane to Nonhumans

Letter as published on NY Daily News
October 13, 2014

Tuckahoe, N.Y.: How awful of the Daily News to refer to attorney Steven Wise as a “chump” (editorial, Oct. 10). Wise’s defense of an animal — who shares 96% of our DNA, who’s been stolen from his family and kept locked in a room all his life — is admirable and timely. Charles Manson, any pedophile, any robber has more rights than this animal, who has done nothing to deserve mistreatment.

Furthermore, chimps and many other animals face torture in factory farms, fur farms, labs, etc., that are beyond anything the human mind can comprehend. If it were up to The News, people would still be beating horses in the streets, as they were until laws were established to stop it. The cruelty laws you refer to are full of loopholes and difficult to enforce. It’s time for a change.

Kiley Blackman
Tuckahoe NY

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