From Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW)

We advocate on all animal protection and exploitation issues, including experimentation, factory farming, rodeos, breeders and traveling animal acts.


Letter as published on NY Daily News
February 21, 2016


How heartbreaking to read about tourists yanking a baby dolphin out of the water for selfies leading to her death. The human race has made this earth a nightmare for the animals; as long as we put our own awful need for amusement over the needs and rights of others, animals will be tortured by sport hunters and in circuses, rodeos, zoos, horse races, carriage rides, seaquariums and whatever else we selfishly deem fun.

As long as we treat this world like it is our own personal toilet bowl, we cannot evolve into responsible, decent human beings.

Kiley Blackman
Tuckahoe NY

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